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who has gotten lost on board?



I have to be honest here... there were a few times on the explorer ( after a few drinks lol)
that I found myself doing circles on my deck looking for my cabin!! around and around.. its confusing how the cabin numbers are odd and even.. on each side ... just when you think you found a shortcut you are at the back of the ship! once I found my cabin I did have to laugh to myself and felt kinda stupid!! wondering if anyone else has had this happen??


It happened to my sister on her first cruise. She was always late for dinner because she made a wrong turn somewhere. We always asked her "Get lost again?" I think the reply was "Oh, shut up." And that was on the Ecstasy.


We were on the Sensation for 5 nights, and always had a hard time finding Camp Carneval, up till the last day.


Oh sure! I've gotten lost even without alcohol in me and heck I don't even drink!

It takes me about three days to navigate the ships properly. I try and look to certain "landmarks" and I swear by the " you are here" indicators. Between that and just having to know which is forward and aft I do just fine.


We got off the elevator to our cabin and turned the wrong way. Well that hall way went in a big circle. So we went the other direction and still no cabin! OH It's across the way from those elevators! So we cossed over and still endedup going the wrong direction. After the 4th try we found our cabin!


On the Voyager class I always make it a point to remember the art exhibits at each end of the corridor my cabin is in. That way I know if I'm passing the right exhibit, I'm headed in the right direction. Works well for me.



I have never gotten lost but I will admit to reading a map or 2 by the elevators.

If you look at the carpets, all the fish or designs go a particular way (I fogot whether they swim toward the front or the back) but noting that design may help you.

We found decorating our door w/ a Roll Call message also helped us find our cabin.


Well, I don't know about fish, but on Carnival Legend, the carpet on the left side was blue and the right side was red. So that helped us out quite a bit. We attended the welcome aboard shpeel and the CD pointed this out.

All have four letters----------->Left----------->Blue------------>Port. But again, this applies only to Carnival Legend.


Cruised with a group a few years back and the wife of one of the couples could never find her cabin. They were in an aft corner, but she always ended up heading forward. The cabin stewards on her side of the side got to knowing her and would call her by name and direct her to her cabin.

I couldn't laugh too much, I kept going to the show lounge at the wrong end of the ship!!


On the Monarch I was soooo impressed that my daughter always knew which way to go when we got off the elevators on our floor... then on the last night, she confessed... it was the clock by our hallway in that floor lobby which gave it all way...

I could never figure out which elevators went all the way down, stopped going down at the 5th floor....but she always knew...

Sigh...to be a teen again and know it all!!!