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Who has visited these ports?


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I know it's a longshot here, seeing how seldom visited this board is...and knowing how infrequently the major cruise lines stop at some of these...but...

Next August, we are going on a cruise on the Oceania Marina...and, despite the fact that we have cruised Europe extensively, two-thirds of the ports are pretty much new to us (although, for some, I've been in the area)...I won't ask about our stops in Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Livorno and Rome since I know those fairly well...

But...who here has been to any of the following...and, what comments or suggestions might you have:



Pont Aven/Concarneau

La Rochelle



La Coruna






Forever Remembered
Honfleur - a beautiful little port town, interesting in and of itself, but also a jumping off point to visit the sites of the D-Day invasions on the Normandy coast. If you enjoy Calvados, this is the place to purchase a bottle as it's located in the Calvados region of Normandy.

Culturally, it was home to the Impressionists, and was a favorite of Victor Hugo and Gustave Flaubert, noted French authors.

I was there when I sailed on Crystal Harmony's D-Day cruise marking the 50th Anniversary of the D-Day invasions.