Who have you seen???



Hi everybody!!! Me and my wife love taking cruises, nothing more relaxing then some time out to see.... we always go on celebrity cruises, cause we like the enviroment, and the people.... while in the Carribean one year we met Andrea Bocelli, such a wonderful man http://www.andreabocelli.com/ .... we told him that we admired his work, and saw him perform once in Spain..... Told him that his new album "Andrea" is a work of art, and plays in my car constantly..... always good to meet people you really admire.....
has anybody else ever met a celebrity, musician, or artist on a cruise before? Who, and tell the story.

See You on the line!


We met John Davidson on the Carnival Legend once. Does that count? LOL He was in line at the deli for a sandwich.


Well, on 2 of our Celebrity cruises, Megan Mullally (Karen Walker on Will & GRace) was the guest comedian, a complete riot. She did both a stand-up bit & an adult comedy show. On of the funniest people we have ever seen. Several times she was in one of the lunges just relaxing & we would just sit there & talk to her like she was "one of us", she was great. Also, a shock to us was when we saw Walter Cronkite on one of our cruises. The second day I told my wife that there was a passenger who looked like him, she just shrugged me off. Then, two nights later, there he was doing a one on one with the cruise director on stage. I am not sure if it was planned or not, but there was no huge announcement or anything, just happened on it. Celebrity is great at booking top notch people.


I don't think too many "real" celebrities take mass-marketed cruises...I think there's a fear of being recognized and trapped on a ship with us common folks (I actuall know a few "celebrities"...hey, I grew up and live in an area that's chock-full o' celebrities ...they ALL live in certain suburban towns on the West Side of the LA area...and I know how and where a lot of them vacation)...

That said, I did run into Kelsey Grammer vacationing at the Grand Wailea on Maui...and Reba McEntire was actually getting off a cruise ship the day we got on (I forgot to ask the crew if she sang Karaoke or performed at the passenger talent show)...and we arrived in the private jet terminal in Teeterboro, NJ at the same time , late at night, as Elton John a few months back)...

Michelle Pfeiffer CHARTERED a yacht in the Mediterranean the week before my brother chartered the same yacht (and I know that because her sister is a neighbor of mine and was invited to go along)...And, I do get the feeling that that is the direction most celebs like to take if they want to "cruise"...it insures their privacy...

But, if you think one day you'll report to yiour assigned table at Main Seating Dining on the Summit and find your table mates are Brad Pitt, Mick Jagger, Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts...Well, I wouldn't count on it...