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Who picked THESE tablemates for us???

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by LindaInCT, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. LindaInCT

    LindaInCT Guest

    I always wondered who actually picks out your tablemates. Because on our last cruise, the people they picked for our group was soooo wrong. It really ruined dinner each night.

    My group: me, hubby (both 38), sons, (10 & 11), my mother (70) my sister (45) my niece (14).

    When I saw this group of young women coming over, I was thinking "this can't be". They seated a group of four 20 year old women with us, who were ready to drink and dressed to party. Believe me, when they saw us, they weren't too thrilled either.

    It really ruined our dinner each night because we had nothing to say to them and they had nothing to say to us either. It was very uncomfortable. They didn't show up one night, and it was the best dinner night that we had, sad to say.

    Even the waiters seemed to realize what a mismatched group this was, but said or did nothing. And we didn't say anything either because we don't like to complain. I've always wondered why this happened and who put these two opposite groups together!
  2. NellieB

    NellieB Guest

    Had to laugh when I read your post!!!!

    On RCI (and when it was RCCL) we have ALWAYS had the worst luck with tablemates on this cruise line! It's not that anyone was ever awful (except the time one man wore a T-Shirt that looked like a tux for formal nights with bunny bedroom shoes and his girlfriend used a toothpick ).

    Mainly, it's always the "mis-match" thing!

    Agree with you! "Who picked THESE tablemates for us?"

  3. defritz

    defritz Guest

    Interesting... on our cruise, most of our table mates were perfect.

    We were on our honeymoon; two other couples were also on their honey moon; there were two female friends together and they were about our age; but.... there was one couple that should NOT have been placed at our table. We were all in our mid/late-20's... this couple was in their 50's. We still had a great time, though! They joined right in with the conversation and by the second night, age was NOT an issue!
  4. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    We've always been really lucky and have been seated with people of similar ages...I think they assume if your ages are the same that you'll actually be a good match. On the Monarch of the Seas, my DB and I were matched with six others who were mid-twenties. They were nice enough, but they thought it was "cool" to show up fashionably late for dinner. This really annoyed us, but we did hang out with them a few times outside of dinner. They were all very nice, just late. =dunno
  5. MarciaL

    MarciaL Guest

    There is no way that the person/persons who do the matching can know what each persons likes or dislikes are. Age is not the big issue. They do the best they can.

    We have had one cruise out of 23 that the group was "not the best", (and 13 of these cruises were Royal Caribbean). Usually it has been a great match.

    If it was really bad, then you should have gone the first night and quietly asked to be moved somewhere else. For you to sit for the whole cruise with someone who was a total mis-match was sad, but next time just ask.
  6. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    Well Marcia is not telling the whole story......on the majority of her recent cruises on RCCL, she has had this brilliant, suave, young gentleman who books outstanding tablemates for her....he has done a most excellent job.
  7. Wuollebear

    Wuollebear Guest

    We have also had great luck so far. We've had the most wonderful table mates ever and still keep in touch with those we were with last cruise. One couple is getting married this weekend and we sent them a wedding gift. We all exchange email and pictures. In our case I couldn't imagine not being part of the dinning room experience. I often wonder why people don't want to dine in the dining room. I wish everyone could be as lucky as we have been. It sure makes for a memorable cruise experience.
  8. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    I had a table full of excellent tablemates when we went to Alaska..........it was the best dining experience ever!!
    Of course, we had had not such good luck on other cruises.......luck of the draw,I suppose..
  9. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    That was an excellent table, wasn't it? Even the three Korean Ladies were OK for not understanding English.....Monty fixed them up though.
  10. HotStuff

    HotStuff Guest

    Pray tell ...........just what did Monty do to those Korean Ladies??? Did you talk Polish to them??? Hee Hee.

    SAN: You boycotting the other board???? Oh I know what you're doing..........you're waiting until BB/OC comes back and then you'll start posting!! I know you miss her sooooooo much!! DUH!!
  11. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    Hi K2,,,,,,He waltzed over on formal night and had his picture taken with each of them.....he had them really giggling and I bet they each purchased their picture. Nav was ticked because he wasn't smiling in her picture, but was in theirs.....typical woman's reaction.....a guy does something nice, and stil there's always a price to pay. Holy Crap!!!!!

    I can assure you that I am not waiting for OC to come back.....and, I don't miss her one bit. Doubt that she will show up anyway.

    Actually, I didn't have anything to say when all the venting was going on.....sometimes it gets me down.
  12. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    Guess K2 and Marcia ain't reading this one anymore. :-(
  13. MarciaL

    MarciaL Guest

    I'm here, the electric on the West Side of Hamilton has gone off 6 times this afternoon. And of course each time, the computer goes off, all the clocks have to be reset. I really getting ticked.

    Carl called the Electric Company and all they say is "We are working on it". Seems like - not very hard.

    Yes, San, I do know that two of our cruises we have been seated with that very nice Gentleman, his lovely wife and some of his fantastic children and their lovely other halves. Now if I could just get to meet Trousers.
    By the way, how is Michael getting along and what is happening with Bud and also with PATTI? See, I can get it right.

    Back later......
  14. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    OK, I give up....who's Michael?

    Bud and Patti are doeing fine. Nancy and I are going down overnight this evening to give Matthew and Patti a break from getting up in the middle of the night.
  15. MarciaL

    MarciaL Guest

    Duh, my son is Michael, I meant Matthew...... How is he doing now with the Crone's. Our SIL had another Remacaid (sp?) treatment yesterday. Sorry about the names, it's been a long day......
  16. Diamond Plus

    Diamond Plus Guest

    The final straw was the following ...

    We were a family of 5.. my kids at the time were 15, 13 and 8 (oldest are 2 boys) .. they put us with another family of 4 of which the 2 girls were the same age as my boys ... sounds good .. read on .... the girls were basket ball freaks and they stuck another couple with us from Las Vegas who's wife was the girls head basketball coach at UNLV ... It was a nightmare as my boys had nothing in common .... The first thing my son asked the couple from Las Vegas was about legalized prostitution .. that set the tone ... we have had our own table ever since ...
  17. teresapink

    teresapink Guest

    I would say the solution to this problem is to dine alone.....not very exciting, but no bad surprises either!
  18. kasey

    kasey Guest

    I know our last tablemates on RCL were less than exciting. We thought about asking to be moved but were was afraid of running into them later & having to explain.

    Still waiting for my turn to sit with that charming young man who does such a good job arranging tablemates for marcia.:)
  19. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    Hey, young lady, I can help you out anytime.
  20. boardwalker2

    boardwalker2 Guest

    Okay, so this is a story about no tablemates at a table for 8. My wife and I were on the Empress of the Seas a few years ago on a cruise to Bermuda. We were seated at the big table on the starboard side right next to the huge glass windiws at the back of the dining room. From the first night we dined alone.Whoever was assigned to this table other than the two of us never showed. Now remember I'm the guy whose wife gets seasick on the dock. But being the gamer she is, and with her love of the sea she takes her seasick medication and if the seas do not get too rough does rather well. Well, in mid-week the restaurant manager stopped by to ask if we wanted to move to another table. I told him we did not want to change since our waiter and assistant were doing wonderefully well for us and we would stay where we were. The manager then asked if we would like to join the Captain at his table Friday evening. My better half asked if we would be in port or at sea on that night. With the response that we would be at sea, fearfull of possible rough seas, she then declined the invitaion. The result? Friday evening the seas were as calm as glass. That was years ago and I am still shedding tears this late in time.

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