Who picked THESE tablemates for us???



In our 20+ cruises, we've only been mis-miatched once--our last one. We were seated at a table for 12 (!) with the following mix: a pair of grown (25-ish) children and their parents, two older (80s) couples, a couple who just retired (70s) and were very angry that they weren't sitting with the group from their retirement community, and us (51 and 37). Needless to say, conversation was 1) difficult due to the size of the table, 2) strained since we had nothing in common, and 3) consisted mainly of complaints from the folks who wanted to be with their retirement community. We asked the Matire'd for another table, and when we saw the waiter later in the cruise, he said that everyone had asked to be moved! I guess the feeling of being "mis-matched" was universal! LOL!


Re: The original post....I don't mean to sound like a Pickle Pus, but unless these other 20 year old dinner guests were very ill mannered, how could they ruined dinner because they simply fell into a different demographic? Who parties at dinner anyway? I have always felt that I am responsible for having a good time or not and rarely do other guests ruin anything for me. Dinner is a great time to learn about other people, places, cultures and more. And even if these young ladies turned out to be Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves, they would have at least been interesting tablemates. LOL. As a gay man, I have been on the receiving side of odd expectations of tablemates. Sometimes people look as though I just took a poop on the table when they discover I am gay. (Now that makes me giggle.) I have dealt with mean spirited people and rarely does it ruin my dinner. I would welcome a table of party girls or a nice family anyday. Thank you for listening. I will put the soapbox back into the garage.


On Goodness! So funny! Guess it's just a part of cruising!

It's always FUN to be around others! NellieB


We have almost always had great luck in dining companions. I can think of only one time when we hoped the other couple at our table would not show up. They were not rude or overbearing or obnoxious--that might have at least been interesting in a weird way. Nope. These people did not talk--at all! Well, they talked to the waiter to order their dinner, but that was it. It made for a long dinner. There was one other time when the female half of one of the couples at our table for 8 hated everything and let everyone know about it. The first night at dinner she managed to annoy or upset everyone within hearing distance. The second night, she and her husband were not there. The waiter came up to our table and explained that the "other couple" had moved to a table for two on the other side of the restaurant and he could barely keep himself from grinning as he made this announcement. He leaned next to me and whispered, "Better this way, yes?" Oh yes indeedy!

However, except for those two events, we've had great tablemates of all ages, sexes, sizes and always look forward to seeing our new-found friends at dinner. Here are are guidelines:

Choose a big table. The odds are in your favor that you'll get more nice people than grumpy people.

Always let your waiter and tablemates know when you are not planning to eat in the dining room. It's just good manners to let them know they don't have to wait for you.

Ask early on to be moved if you don't think you can stand your tablemates for the whole cruise. Yes you might see them elsewhere on the cruise, and they might ask, though it's not likely. If so, simply explain that you wanted to be seated with friends or family or that this is your second (or third or fourth) honeymoon and you "vanted to be alone."

Don't decide that someone is too old or too young. People are interesting no matter what their age and you can always find something to talk about if you expend a little effort.


I agree with Sailboat. Only once have we had a problem with table mates. On a cruise out of San Juan,
we were the only non-Spanish speakers at a table, and most of them spoke no English. It was a
difficult situation and we sought / received a table change. Otherwise, we have shared the company of
retirees, young honeymooners, families with kids, singles, first time and long time cruisers, and folks from numerous countries. We have enjoyed them all and learned something from each.

In 24 days we'll meet the next set of table mates, and I'd bet my bottom dollar that they too will be enjoyable.



Sorry .... This thread does always make me SMILE!

Remember, if you do happen to get somewhat bad tablemates, it WILL make a good story and be funny later! " ... remember the time we had those awful people at our table ...."!

Just always ENJOY! NellieB