Who should I book with?



Is there any place that you just love to book your cruise with? I am looking to book my July 2004 cruise, but I don't know where to do it?


If you know the ship and sail date, we've had good luck (so far) with cruisequick.com, which works entirely via Web and email but is impressively responsive, 7 days a week.

We secured a great deal on our cruise, and booking was simple. This was our first cruise, but we had already determined the ship, sail date, and cabin category that we wanted. It's really designed for people who have that figured out prior to getting a price quote. They're not set up to provide advice on specific sailings, etc.

We found them based on rave reviews among a few of the Cruise Addicts here on the message boards. Again, it only makes sense to use them if you know exactly what you want. The Web site is www.cruisequick.com.

If you are still figuring out your itinerary and options, I'm sure you'll get plenty of helpful tips from others on the site.

Safe travels!


I have, for a # of years used Charles Dubinski with Rainbow Travel in Ft. Lauderdale. He usually will match CruiseQuick, and at the same time offers personal service and advice. Email me for a phone # if you wish.


I have used Ron Micucci at Cruise.com for five years and about 25 cruises and have been very happy with the prices and his service. 800-777-0707 ext 82236.


I mostly just love to book with the cruise line directly. (not all cruise lines allow this)

If you have a Discover Card, you can double your cashback bonus award by booking through their travel agent.

Sadly, I haven't had much luck with travel agents. They always seem to make very simple mistakes like birthdays or seating choices and just aren't that responsive.

I probably just haven't found the right travel agent, however, because I know there must be some good ones out there.

I prefer dealing with people face to face and have dealt with a couple of local offices in my area. One benefit of going to a travel agent is that some may be able to negotiate a better rate. Sometimes agents share a cut of their commision and give you a slightly lower cruise fare.


Thank you so much! I went on www.cruisequick.com and I got a great price! I am still debating on a Southern cruise on the Adventure, but the prices aren't out, and the Western on the Mariner. I loved the southern caribbean last May, so I am having a hard time switching to the western, mainly because my husband and I were not impressed with Jamaica when we went a couple years back. But we are for sure doing a Voyager-class ship, we just love them!


I always book with lori at skyscaper tours. Their ad is usually on top of the page. their number is 888-278-9648. check her price against cruisequik. she always comes thru with a upgrade or lower price even after I have paid in full.

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