Who to sail with?



I'm looking to book a cruise for my honeymoon which will be taking place between May 21st and June 11th, 2006. My fiancee and I are hooked on the idea of cruising from Italy, through the Greek Isles and back to Italy. We'll spend whatever time we're not cruising touring around Italy. I've been looking for cruises offered at that time but just can't seem to find very many listed. Is it too early? When is the best time to book? Which cruise lines opeate in that area?

Your replies are greatly appreciated.


HI Ottowaguy!
Well, first things first...congratulations to you and your fiance.

I would definitely check out Princess. I believe they offer cruises at that time of the year that have calls in Italy and Greece.

During the first 2 weeks in June last year, we were on a Princess Cruise ( the Star Princess) that began in Venice with a overnight there, then to Kusadasi, Turkey, Athens, Naples, Rome, Florence, Monte Carlo, and ended up in Barcelona with another overnight. It was wonderful. This was our 3rd European cruise, and perhaps the best. We stayed in Barcelona for 4 additional days and it is a city not to be missed, if you can swing it.

I believe that Princess has another cruise that is heavier on the Greek Isles and also has a couple of stops in Italy as well.

Princess provides a good value for the money. I would definitely splurge on a balcony, since the weather should be good during the time you plan on going. Of course, if you choose a balcony, chances are, you'll want one again!! If you call Princess directly yourself, be sure to tell them that you are considering other cruise lines. It may result in a better price....or an upgrade.

Also, we loved the Star Princess so much, that we booked another cruise for this year, same balcony cabin, to Scandinavia and Russia. We fly to Copenhagen on May 31.....the clock is ticking.

Good luck to you...and if you need more info, let me know.....adavison1@houston.rr.com


Best cruise we've ever been on: The Mediterranean on Celebrity Millennium...
I've done both Princess and Celebrity in Europe...and, IMHO, there is no comparison...Celebrity beats Princess hands down...better food, better service, more spacious ships, more elegant, better spread of ages...Plus Celebrity's itineraries alwasy seem to offer more time in port...including staying into the evening hours in some ports...

Celebrity hasn't come out with their Summer 2006 calendar yet (any day now)...but here are a couple of sample itineraries from this summer:

11 Night Mediterranean Cruise Onboard Galaxy
Mon, Jun 13 Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy Depart 7:00 PM
Tue, Jun 14 At Sea
Wed, Jun 15 Mykonos, Greece Arrive 2:00 PM Depart 11:00 PM
Thu, Jun 16 Rhodes, Greece Arrive 9:00 AM Depart 5:00 PM
Fri, Jun 17 Santorini, Greece Arrive 8:00 AM Depart 4:00 PM
Sat, Jun 18 Istanbul, Turkey Arrive 2:00 PM
Sun, Jun 19 Istanbul, Turkey Depart 3:00 PM
Mon, Jun 20 Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey Arrive 10:30 AM Depart 7:00 PM
Tue, Jun 21 Piraeus (Athens), Greece Arrive 7:00 AM Depart 5:00 PM
Wed, Jun 22 At Sea
Thu, Jun 23 Naples, Italy Arrive 7:00 AM Depart 7:00 PM
Fri, Jun 24 Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy Arrival Arrive 8:00 AM

12 Night Classical Mediterranean Cruise Onboard Millennium
Wed, Jun 08 Barcelona, Spain Depart 7:00 PM
Thu, Jun 09 Villefranche (Nice), France Arrive 10:00 AM Depart 11:00 PM
Fri, Jun 10 Florence, Italy Arrive 7:00 AM Depart 7:00 PM
Sat, Jun 11 Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy Arrive 7:00 AM Depart 7:00 PM
Sun, Jun 12 Naples, Italy Arrive 7:00 AM Depart 7:00 PM
Mon, Jun 13 At Sea
Tue, Jun 14 Mykonos, Greece Arrive 1:00 PM Depart 11:59 PM
Wed, Jun 15 Santorini, Greece Arrive 7:00 AM Depart 11:15 PM
Thu, Jun 16 Piraeus (Athens), Greece Arrive 7:00 AM Depart 11:00 PM
Fri, Jun 17 At Sea
Sat, Jun 18 Dubrovnik, Croatia Arrive 7:00 AM Depart 5:00 PM
Sun, Jun 19 Venice, Italy Arrive 12:00 PM
Mon, Jun 20 Venice, Italy Arrival

A third line to take a look at would be Oceania...which does it with slightly smaller ships and which has had good reviews (it's a fairly new line)...

I prefer the large ships - more amenities/activities and a greater chance to find others in your age group...

But, whatever you choose, you really can't go wrong with a Med cruise Honeymoon...

Congrats and good luck...


Pardon me for asking this, but are these places safe to travel in light of 9/11? How are Americans treated abroad now?


Since 9/11, I have cruised the Mediterranean (August 2003) and I am cruising Europe again this July...
I have encountered absolutely NO problem with any anti-Americanism...We were welcomed with great hospitality in all ports - even in France (which usually takes the rap)...
Some cruise lines cut Middle Eastern ports from their itineraries...like Turkey...but even that may be overreaction...

Truthfully, you are just as safe in Europe as you are back here in the US...Terrorists can strike anywhere...as proven by 9/11 itself...