Who/where to book RCI cruise with?



I was supposed to book a cruise on RCI Adven. OTS for myself & 3 family/friends for Oct '05 but I haven't booked yet---keep putting this off due to indecision. My Problem: Past cruises I booked with bestpricecruises.com because they WERE the best price (except 1st was cruise.com before I knew about this online quote stuff!). Now (as you guys already know) RCI has this deal where every quote I get is for exactly the same price. No deals found anywhere yet and I don't know if there are any agencies I should avoid or where I could get some added value for my $$$. I can't decide whether to go with one online or book directly with RCI now that I can find no financial advantage with any one particular agency/site? Thanks for any input---I've had 3 cruises so far, but none with RCI.

P.S. I did cruisecompete last night but don't know anything about the 3 agencies that have responded with quotes so far, and of course all 3 quotes are for the same amount of $$.


Try www.cruisequick.com

They have great prices - lower than anything else I found. When I was quoted a lower price I wanted to make sure this was a legitimate company, so I posted on this site and got excellent feedback from a lot of people.

Ray is who I've been dealing with and he is great!

The only negative issue is that they only communicate via email and no phone service, so if you need your hand held through the process, this won't be the place. But if you know what you want specifically, they are a great place.

Like I said, they respond via email, but they do respond to you *literally* within 20 minutes.

Try them - you'll be happy!

Good luck!


I have my current booking with Cruise Quick but I have found with RCI's new policy, their prices arent like they used to be for that line. Yes, just be aware that if you use this agency (and I am pleased with them as an agent), they only provide online service... but it is fast service. They always reply within an hour, sometimes 5 minutes. If they dont know the answer, they inform me that they are looking into it so I dont sit here wondering if they even got my question. I highly recommend them, but only for the experienced cruiser.

Also Lori from SkyScraperTours, which I already mentioned on the community board. I have not booked with her yet, but have found her prices to be decent lately for RCI. Many here book with her.


Thanks guys for the responses. I was a little worried about cruisequick for the reasons mentioned---inability to talk directly but you guys are pretty reassuring about that issue so I'll give them a try. I did go and try Skyscrapers tours as suggested and Lori did come back with a price $50 per person less than anything else I've gotten. Thanks for the suggestions and feel free to keep them coming! Appreciate the help.


Did you call BestPriceCruises or just use their website pricing as a reference? When I have called I have always gotten a cheaper rate that what is showing on their site. Agencies can't advertise less than what RCI is showing but they can give you a different rate if you call them. :) Lori's husband, Barry explained it in a post below about key agencies getting better rates than other TA's. Lori will probably be your best bet. At least there is a voice at the other end of the phone.

One quick thing about CruiseQuick...make sure they aren't giving you a resident discount that you aren't entitled to. Last year I ask them for a quote on the Voyager and their rate was way below Best Price..I found out they were giving me a Florida resident rate.

Good Luck searching! There is also different TA's listed in the links section above.


I agree I booked with Lori and saved alot of money on my upcoming cruise in May on VOS... best balcony price i have ever gotten :)


Usually, what I find, if you have the patience, is to find the best price that you can online and put a hold on the cabin. If you have a travel agent that you like, you can call them up and they can match or beat the price for the same cabin. They can transfer the hold so that they can handle things. This way, if you feel comfortable with your agent, you'll get that comfort as well as the price.
I've been using a travel agent nearby for a while, and I know that if I have any questions/concerns, I can call him directly and feel confident that he'd take care of me, but that's because we've establshed some report with each other.
Hope this helps.



Thanks guys! I did give Cruisequick a try and after all my quotes from several places came in, Lori at Skyscrapers tours did end up having the best pricing. Plus she got back to me so quickly and thoroughly via email that I was impressed. So, today I'm going to book with her! Thanks for all your input/recommendations. Now I'm finally going to have a new cruise to look forward to! :dance =clap =bigwave