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WHOO HOO!!!!! I paid it all off... Now Just have to wait.....

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by ssatterly, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. ssatterly

    ssatterly Guest

    paid off my cruise.... Whoo hoo ... Now I have to wait 170 days....... Darn is it Dec 4th yet? Radiance here I come.......
  2. giggles1972

    giggles1972 Guest

    YES!! I just paid off ours as well and we still have to wait 88 days!! ARGH!!!!!!!
  3. ssatterly

    ssatterly Guest

    It will feel like FOREVER.. But I know it will get here soon!!!!!
  4. kitten

    kitten Guest

    Hang in there ssatterly, believe it or not, waiting is half the fun of cruising! Now's the time to prepare that packing list (if you haven't already!), you'll be adding and deleating stuff on it from now until you cruise! Also, don't forget to prepare a list to lock up your house/apt. thing's to do before you head out, do it while your "head is clear", I've found out that the closer you wait to do this, you'll eventually end up forgetting to do something cause your so focused on the cruise instead! :thumb
  5. Were with you guys, paid it all and had 140 days left, less than 100 now though, the anticipation is unbearable! We are going to fill the gap by paying our shore excursions next and then spend all our money on soda cards and pictures and bingo!!!!

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