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Who's on the Miracle this weekend??

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by doodlefan, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. doodlefan

    doodlefan Guest

    All right!!!

    Only 2 days to go. All you other people out there going on the Miracle APril 9th all ready?? I've met a few of you already.

    Hi Madison, Tia, NIc

    are you all as excited as we are after all the great reviews the Miracle is getting.

    Any last minute news or questions or advice??

  2. Hey Tara!! We are SOOOO Ready! We can't wait!! I wish we would have gotten our docs...but they assured me that they can get us at the port.. I am getting nervous, the drive scares me a little, that and checking in!! It is almost here!!
    See ya there!!
  3. jrw

    jrw Guest

    We will be on this cruise as well, my husband and I, 2 children and in-laws. Flying in from Jersey. I can't wait! Is anyone concerned about the forecast? It shows some showers and thunderstorms. Does the weather change fairly quickly down there like it does in Florida, raining one minute and then out comes the sun?See you all soon!
  4. doodlefan

    doodlefan Guest

    Hi there

    I just checked the weather for Freeport for the weekend and it looks pretty good. I checked 4 different sites and they were all similar with rain a bit for Friday and sat and sun partly cloudy but low 80's. Not much wind either.

    Lets hope those forecasts are right. I also checked Nassau which really is a ways a way from Freeport and it says thunderstorms for Friday and Sat.

    I hope we're okay. Got lots of stuff planned and don't want to get rained out.

    See ya on the Miracle. Can't wait

  5. madison

    madison Guest

    wooo hoo.. cant wait... all packed and ready to go!! leaving tommorow from my home in orlando to my parents place in jacksonville... then friday morning only a 30 minute drive to the port!! and tara ,tia and nic.. we have to meet up at least and say hello!!
    see yall friday!!!

  6. BallanceK

    BallanceK Guest

    April 17 for me can't wait!!!!
  7. loops

    loops Guest

    I'm leaving bright and early Monday morning for the 5-night Miracle cruise. Hooray!!
  8. gram

    gram Guest

    :wave :wave :wave

    Don't forget all you Carnival Miracle cruisers when you come back to please do a review. I am anxious for my trip on May 2 on the Miracle.

    :jump :jump :jump :jump

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