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Who's with me? Serenade 12/4/2004



Who's with me? I'm all ready to sail. I've been on The Adventure, but haven't been on one of the Radiance Class Ships yet. Should be interesting. I've tried to find out cabin upgrade information, but haven't had much luck. Right now, we have a D1 cabin with a balcany. I'm trying to get us up to a Junior Suite.
Also, does anyone know what time we can really board? I remember boarding the Adventure around noon, and she leaves San Juan around the same time (10PM departure). The cruise ticket booklet says that boarding is at 4PM. I wonder if they've changed things.


We were on the serenade last January. We arrived at the pier by 12:00, and were onboard by 12:45. Have fun....it is a beautiful ship!

Sherri O

I was on the Serenade last week (Sail Date: 11/06), and we were picked up at the hotel by the bus at 1:00 pm and boarded with no problem, no lines. It was great to get on early so we could run around the ship while it was still virtually empty. Have a great cruise; it's a wonderful, beautiful ship!


We boarded around noon back in March. Wish we were going to be with you in December, but we have to wait for Hawaii 2005. Enjoy the ship.....you will love it!!! We have been on her twice this year and is our favorite above the Voyager and Adventure.


I was on Serenade in July and she is just beautiful! You'll love her! Have a wonderful time!


I'm just a bit concerned. The last group to get off the ship had some rough seas. I was last on the Southern Caribbean route last Ferbruary, and we had nothing but smoothe sailing and great weather. Seems like December may not have been the best choice (at least early December) to pick a cruise. Especially since I'm going with a few 1st timers and I don't want this to be their last time.
Keep your fingers crossed.