Why are aft cabins so popular??



Good Morning,

I have read here and other places that the cabins in the aft section of the ship (actually facing backwards) are very popular and sell out quickly. I was wondering why they are so popular (other than the large balconies).

Anyone had one and can tell me about it??

Thanx in advance.

Ma Bell

It's mainly the large balconies, but the view of the wake of the ship at night with the lights shining on it is great as well. It's also nice to have a 180 degree view. These cabins are conveniently located near the dining rooms as well and the elevators are less busy.


Hi Geezer:
We have booked aft cabin 8172 on Millie sailing out of Venice on Sept 18/04. Since we booked well over a year in advance the aft cabins were still available at the time and our TA really encouraged us in taking an aft cabin. Have read many positive reviews on these cabins so I'm sure we won't be disappointed.


You are one of my lovely cabins. We are in that one on Infinity to Hawaii in march.
You will notice that it is directly across from an inside cabin, in fact the only inside cabin in that portion of the ship. Our friends always get it and we have 8172 and we leave the door open and visit and we just kind of use it like a connecting cabin. Not many people passing in the hall in that portion of the ship.
The cabin next to you is a disable cabin and we stayed in that one on the Summitt. It has a lot more room between the bed and mirror for the wheelchair. The bathroom is also quite a bit larger.
I think on the Millie we wer on deck 7 I think 7208
You will have a wonderful cruise. I think non disabled people may get the disable cabin if it is not sold, but I don' know the particulars.