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Why are some balconies cheaper than outside rooms?



We have a category BF Guarantee on Grand Princess July 20. We know this is in an odd spot on the ship (just above the walkway) however, we're wondering, as we look through the categories of staterooms, why CC and C are more money than our BF balcony? In one of those descriptions it says "deluxe". What does that mean?Is it bigger? We are not privacy nuts, so we'll be happy with our room, however our TA says that there is a good chance we'll be upgraded from our room because there are so few of them on the ship. Any response would be appreciated! Thanks!

Frank Black

I had a BF guarantee on The Star Princess a month ago. They assign you an actual room just before sailing. We got a great Aft cabin balcony Cat BA. There are a lot of reasins for cabin pricing. Some location, some the number available on a sailing, etc.


Many times if a certain category is selling more slowly than their projections then they'll discount it. The prices move around all the time. The C and CCs I'm sure started out higher than the BFs but probably sold well so they adjusted the pricing. It's a very complicated system of revenue maximization.


We just upgraded from an inside cabin on the Dawn 8/4 Alaska sailing . We booked a BF Guarantee balcony because the price dropped tremendously and had become cheaper than the oceanview cabins. When I checked a week later they are no longer even listed on the online cruise websites. There are only 4 BF cabins on the Dawn.