Why are the reviews so bad :(



My cruise on the Grand Princess with the balcony was great. Won $1300 in the casino, not all bad huh? Call me stupid if it makes you feel bigger. Yes, when someone says you are in the 'basement', i find that rude & snotty of them. We enjoyed sitting in the window watching the water, so peaceful. Jealous? Whatever, I had a great trip with Princess but the Sensation could never compare to some of our land vacation. I could care less what people like you all think of me. People come on here to hear the truth. Cruising is not all perfect for everyone, it is perfect for you. Excursions, I spent alot of money for the 4 of us to go to one everyone raved about, was nice but wouldn't do it again. To each his own. I will not change the wording....Sensations food did suck, very bland. Then you have ONE side of the buffet open, ONE person slicing meats & cooking pasta at the same time, the line is out to the pool, to go back for another slice of meat, go to the end of the line (by the pool). The hot dog stand, 2 people working, yep another line. Oh I know, 2000 people, will be lines, I never would have known this if you hadn't told me. I'm not saying I would never cruise again, but I have learned you get what you pay for. Even the guy I booked with through Carnival told me I need to go on one of the newer big ships next time. Go ahead, now you can show your mature cruising abilities,,,,,,, just telling people, cruising is not for everyone. You all can't stand it when someone puts cruising down. We like more freedom, not in the middle of the sea on a ship.


I guess if I won $1,300 in the casino I would have warm fuzzy feelings about that experience also (until tax day that is).

If you are trying to make a point, you might find you have more success if you write a little more professionally. Read some professionally written reviews. Compare the professional reviews to the review you have written. Which do you believe comes across as more credible?

Take a look at the writing style you have chosen and the writing style of someone who makes a living selling their opinions to others. People looking to sell their opinions to others use a more professional style of writing for a reason.

Of course cruising is not for everyone. Other than breathing I don't know of any activity that is. Comparing the Grand Princess to the Carnival Sensation is almost like comparing apples to oranges. The Grand Princess is half the age and more than 50% larger than the Sensation. The Sensation only does the short itineraries while the Grand Princess is doing one week cruises. That alone will mean a different atmosphere. In addition, Princess tends to attract a more mature and less active crowd than Carnival does. There are people who have tried both cruise lines and prefer one over the other. That does not make either cruise line better or worse than the other. It just means for that person or family one cruise line is more to their liking than the other. As I am sure you know, both Princess and Carnival are owned by the same corporation.

What is the purpose of all of your posts? To warn people that cruising is not for everyone? Then your post is only for the people who have never taken a cruise. Why? Because once someone takes a cruise, they will form their own opinion, and will not care what anyone else says. So, a person, having never been on a cruise, is doing research. They come to this forum. They start to read your post. Do you believe that your writing style is going to connect with someone as I have just described? Do you think that if you changed your writing style, you might come off as more credible?

It is your post and your are free to write whatever you want (within the guidelines of the forum as stated by the forum administrators). However, people will judge you based on what you say and how you say it. These are people who have never met you and have no other way of judging you other than by what and how you write. I realize you don't care what others think of you. However, does this "others" include the novice cruisers who you are trying to "warn"? Do you really believe that your writing style is going to connect with someone who has enough disposable income to afford to take a cruise?

I realize I have asked a lot of questions and I have not provided any answers. The reason is that only you can answer the questions I have asked. My suggestion is that you take a step back, take a good critical look at what you have written and how you have written it, and decide for yourself. On this issue I speak from experience, as I had to do this after someone really got my temper up over with a particular post. I realized I was not doing a very good job of making my point. The next time someone posted something similar I tried a different approach, and it worked.

Now I am not saying you have to change. I am only suggesting that you take a step back, look critically at your writing, and then decide how you want to proceed in the future.


I am trying to understand how do we compare the Sensation tot he Grand Princess???

Wow-- talk about comparing apples to oranges.

First lets start with the price difference- I bet it was $$hundreds and size-- sensation is smaller and the ratio per passenger will be greater then the Grand.

My first cruise was the Sensation and that cruise got me hook, line and sinker-- had such a fabulous time that I been sailing since.

Our first rule is NEVER ever compare it to the last cruises= eachis differnt entirly. Maybe the menus are the same but the whole experince is so totally differnt.


LHP....... you a shrink? you seem to know it all......... I said a lady in the elevator said "oh your in the basement', Yeah to me she is a b_ch. Jealousy??? Omy yessssssss I am sooooo jealous of all of you that are the mercy of a ship that tell what to do & when to do it & where to do it. NO exaggerations here Gwen....... only the truth. You all love people like me that tell people the truth about cruising..... it gives you someone to act superior to. I am imature because I speak the truth, something you don't want to hear? Oh yes, maybe if I take 10 cruises like you all I will be so mature, just like you all. lmaooooooooo Again, the Sensation,,,,,,, you get what you pay for & Carinval knows it. You all want to call me a liar that the pools weren't closed.... where you there? Left on Monday, pools filled at sea on Tues, pools emptied & deck scrubbed on Thurdsay afternoon. You weren't there, you don't know. I don't need to lie or exaggerate, just the truth. I think if people make this their first cruise, it would give them a very bad impression & wouldn't want to cruise the high $ cruises in the Penthouse, you all can't handle the truth


[quote CherieS] you all can't handle the truth[/quote]

Hey, that is a good line. They should use it in a movie.


If you want to talk about bad first time experiences...Inspiration Sept '04. Left out of Tampa going to Grand Cayman, Costa Maya, Belize and Cozumel. The beginning of the cruise was great, until we got to Cozumel. We were delayed a total of 3 1/2 days getting back to Tampa because of hurricanes going across Florida. (2 days in Cozumel and a day and a half at sea going through swells of 25-30 feet) I had the very first cabin in the front of the ship on the Main Deck. Hell...I fell out of the shower it was so rough. But, you know what? It was fun. I spent $1800 more than anticipated because of these delays. I had a $600 phone bill from the ship from trying to make arrangements to get out of Florida and back to NJ because we missed our flight while we were busy becoming Mexican citizens. Hell...Carnival didn't do anything to help me out with the phone bill because that was at the Captain's discretion. So the Captain of the ship was an a-hole...whaddayagonnado? Sure I was aggrivated about things that happened with the delays and the money and whatnot...but IIIIIIII chose to go on that cruise, IIIIII chose to go during hurricane season...so what am I gonna complain about? I understand that not all cruises are like that....which is why I'm going back on Carnival in Sept of this year...this time out of New York to the eastern caribbean...hell, if i get delayed this time, at least when I get back to port I'll only be an hour from home. If things are out of your control and out of the cruiseline's control, don't just point a finger...not cool. Suck it up, and enjoy it while it lasts. Because eventually you're gonna be back at work complaining that you wish you were still on vacation. And as for this garbage about "the real people stay in the basement" b.s. .....my girlfriend and i are two of the most down to earth people, and we're staying on the penthouse floor in a balcony room...so are you going to tell me that because I want a nicer room to enjoy that I've "sold out" or something because of that? Get a life. Yea, you'll probably run into some snobs on any ship you go on...as a matter of fact, you'll probably run into snobs wherever you go. Are you going to go on some forum about the local mall and complain about some snob that cut in front of you in line in a store? I think not...so keep the immaturity to yourself. There's no place for it here.

Inspiration - Sept '04
Legend - Sept '06

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[quote CherieS] Jealousy??? Omy yessssssss I am sooooo jealous of all of you that are the mercy of a ship that tell what to do & when to do it & where to do it. [/quote]

LOL. No one tells you what to do, when to do it, and where. You are so over exagerating that it's funny! No wonder people are calling you immature on here. How can anyone take you seriously? You make it sound like you're a slave to the ship on your own vacation.
However, if a ship can't make a port of call it's usually for your own safety. But, sounds like you are going to be mad at life no matter what life hands you. So, no point in arguing really.


You will love the Legend, great ship, great crew, great food. It was one of the best ship's we have ever sailed onThis was#28 for us so we have a little experience cruising.I plan on taking the Legend again next spring.Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Good luck. Viet


Wow CherieS! I’ve been reading several of your posts and man are you bitter. I know your point is cruising isn’t for everyone but I really don’t understand why you feel you need to put everyone else down. I’ve cruised one other time and it was on the Jubilee in 2001. I’m going on the Glory in April and all you’re doing is being as ugly as you can be. I have a suite booked this time because it’s my anniversary and I’m not a snotty ****** as you referred to in your post. Maybe you should give some thought to what you say before you say it. You seem like a pretty judgmental person and I can tell you that won’t serve you well in life. To sum up, after reading your posts, it seems to me that you have nothing better to do with your day than to try to bring others down. Life is what you make it and way to short to spend it acting like a spoiled brat.

cruzin sisters

Wow-- Iam new to this forum and I LOVE Cruising. I went on the Conquest in Nov. the Glory in Feb. and we are booked on the Valor in November. Sounds to me like someone forgot to take their happy pills today!:? I have never ever had such wonderful experiences in my life! My sister and I will never travel any other way. I am sorry you have had such a bad experience-but their are so many wonderful things to do on the ship-that I guess it's up to you what you do with your time. I don't drink much, party or gamble--but we SHOP-We try to bring the ports back with us and do our part to stabalize their economy.
Its the adventure of a lifetime so anyone new to cruising-- PLEASE make up your own mind and take others advice but make up your own mind! Everyone on the ship is different-and 99.99% of them are wonderful. We get an inside cabin -since we are never in it anyway and that gives us all the more for shopping!! We even bought chairs in Mexico and tied them to our backs!! GO and enjoy a wonderful adventure-one you will never forget and you WILL do again.
Mary-North Central WI


Don't let the negative reviews bother you. They usually come from people that need to complain about something all the time. Remember a vacation is what you make of it. Go in with a positive attitude and go with the flow and you'll have a good time. I just got back from the Valor and posted a positive review. We loved the ship and had a great time. Obviously it's not for everyone but don't let those negative reviews make you doubt your choices or make you worry about not having a good time. We've been on some cruises that haven't always been perfect but that didn't keep us from enjoying ourselves.


Hi Everyone, First let me ask that anyone who hasn't please read our forums terms of service (Link: http://www.cruise-addicts.com/forumguide.html ) which is linked at the bottom of our forum pages.

I do have a strong opinion about cruise reviews and this site. First, Anyone reading a cruise review needs to take them with a grain of salt. I normaly read several reviews of this ship and possibly the same itinerary also. Then I try to find some common ground written by these unique reviewers. Each author has his/her own take on things.. some are very upbeat and positive with some minor critiques and others border one complaint letters.

For example, When the Voyager of the Seas first came out I was booked to go and was VERY excited about this cruise. This site was active so I anxiously waited for any and all reviews to come in.. and they did. What suprised me and my co-cruisers is that from these initial reviews.. you would of thought that the ship had no food and what little they did was absolutely terrible. We actually talked about it on the ship how wrong these reviewers were. We ofcourse were glad they were and since then I've learned from experience to not take any review as pure fact or overly serious. You may be surpised to hear this from me.. but, its true.

The reviews are a powerful tool but, its simply just someones opinion of that experience at that time. I've even been on press trips where the ship is loaded with news people and have observed problems with one thing or another. Just like anything nothing is ever perfect. I imagine it really just comes down to the person who is relating their experience.. some people see their glass half full and some as half empty. Some people go on a older Carnival ship and expect it to be like the Queen Mary II. I tend to focus on the positive and the experience aboard rather than looking obscur spots on the carpets or other small things.

This is my five cents. :)

Thank you all for being a big part of the Cruise Addicts community. Happy Easter.


Sure glad that when the Conquest had NO SPAS working (because of updating or whatever) last June, that it wasn't the whole part of my cruise. Boy would I have been disappointed. Hey, still had the swimming pools and many places to eat on the ship.

I also never compare cruise lines to each other. Each has their own agenda. Some lines cater to a sophistacted passenger, but you pay for that extra service. Carnival caters to the mainstream, the average family, who probably will never ber able to cruise on a fancier line. They make mistakes, but they work hard and almost every year make more revenue and HAPPY passnegers than any of the other cruise lines. They may not get into the best cruise line category, but they will usually get into the best priced and fun cruise line. Hey, I have read here where one person nearly got run over by canes, walkers and wheelchairs on a much finer cruise line. AND that was the ONLY thing going on after 9:30 pm. Gee, I am in my late 50's. but please give me something to do after 9:30 pm.



Has anyone out there recently returned from a cruise on the Sensation? I am wondering how things have progressed. I am scheduled to cruise on the Sensation 4/27 and I am a little worried. The only things I don't think I could deal with are dirt, mold, and stinky smells. I am hoping these problems will be fixed by the time I cruise. Is anyone out there who just came back and have any comments? :)o Good OR :? Bad?


[quote princessmean1]Has anyone out there recently returned from a cruise on the Sensation? I am wondering how things have progressed. I am scheduled to cruise on the Sensation 4/27 and I am a little worried. The only things I don't think I could deal with are dirt, mold, and stinky smells. I am hoping these problems will be fixed by the time I cruise. Is anyone out there who just came back and have any comments? :)o Good OR :? Bad?[/quote]

There aren't any reviews of the Sensation posted from this year. However, if you do a search I believe you will find some recent posts about the Sensation. As I recall, Carnival seems to have taken care of the early problems.


When things don't go exactly as I expected on a cruise, I remind myself that I could be back home at work. Everything's fine, then........

On our last cruise on the Conquest this past April, the Mardi Gras party and parade on Lido went off without a hitch. The CD told me two days before the party that their shipment of beads didn't arrive for the festivites. Just so happen, I brought a large suitcase of nothing but beads, and gladly gave them to the entertainment crew before the party that night. Everyone had a ball. It was one of the best get-togethers of the week.

Now, if the party had been held without the beads, I'm sure someone would have written a review about how bad the deck shindig had been. Point being: If things don't transpire as their supposed to, I'll do my best to assist and encourage the crew to make sure others have a good time, and roll with the punches.

The entertainment folks have the most exhaustive task of pleasing and entertaining everyone onboard everyday. At least once an hour, during the day, someone can be heard complaining about something. (i.e. ,The elevator's too slow, the chairs are all taken, my eggs aren't cooked like grandmas, it's too cold in here, this line's too long, or the general statement like "What's their problem."

Look here.........you could always be back at home.......at work.


I have had cruises that were better than others and worse than others... but I would never say that cruise on the such and such was soo horrible that no one should ever take it again if you like this or that. Like this cruise this week on the Miracle, TO ME the food was horrible but ya know what with 10 Carnival Cruises under my belt I can say this was the BEST cruise we have ever had with Carnival all the way around other than the food.

If you are the type that knows you are a Nit Picker than just stay home not just from crusing but any Vacation because people that do that really are such a downer to the rest of the people that are having a great time.....

I have had little issues with all my cruises and actually a few times some HUGE issues but no matter what I would NOT be soooo strongly against a certain ship or line saying to all DON'T TAKE THAT ONE AGAIN!