Why Celebrity (Questions)



I am really wanting to go on a Celebrity Cruise, but I am a little worried that it might be to formal for my family and I.

First of all, how are the ships. Are they big ship, small ship feeling or are they big ships with an expsnive flowing feeling?

How is the dress attire: Alsways formal, casual or just like regualr clothing during the day?

How is the overall cruise experience compared to Royal Caribbean International?

What else is there to know about Celebrity?

Thanks so much


I've been on the Century three times and will be going on the Mercury next summer to Alaska. Celebrity has two formal nights and most do dress formally those evenings. During the day it's regular clothes like shorts,slacks,etc. We find Celebrity to have the best food of any cruiseline and the service is great. The food is a notch above RCCL and the service is way better in our experience. The Century is 1750 passenger so I guess she is mid- size. We love her and she is easy to get around on. We travel with a group of friends and family. We started them out on Celebrity and they won' t even consider another cruise line now.


My wife had enjoyed the Horizon and Galaxy in the Mid-1990's. Had children in the past 9 years and had travelled on Carnival and Princess multiple times. Prior to our trip in March on the Constellation, I shared many of your concerns. To make matters worse, we were travelling with a family whose children aren't as good in a restaurant as ours. To put it simply, DO NOT WORRY. Kids program was excellent. Service very attentive to us and kids. You will enjoy yourselves. In our opinion, Celebrity has better service and food than most other lines. Entertainment a little less in your face than other ships. You may find the ship lacking in late evening. But, when you are travelling with kids, this is much less important. Good luck.



Celebrity isn't for everyone, but there are few who sail on it that don't have a superb cruise. Horizon and Zenith are smaller/older ships with no balconies. Because of that, they feel more intimate, and they do not have 100% of the "extras" that newer and larger ships offer -- like specialty restaurants, an extensive on-board shopping area, a large children's pool, etc. None the less, these ships offer the same food, service, entertainment, and overall experience as the rest of Celebrity's fleet. The Century class ships are mid-sized, offer balconies, and have nearly all the venues that modern ships offer. They are well designed ships that offer everything most people want or need. The Millennium class ships are mega's and they have the latest and greatest. About all they lack from the RCI mega ships are the rock climbing and ice skating rinks.

The entire fleet offers first rate food and service. It is European in nature, and that puts some folks off a bit. The service in the dining room is a little more formal than than you will find on RCI, but it is not stiff or pretentious. There will be live music during dinner, sorbet to cleanse your pallet , and other nice touches. But, there will also be plenty of birthday cake singing, entertaining waiters, etc. The food is also more more European, but most people find it excellent and the menu has many choices. And, of course, there is a casual alternative dining location. Unlike some cruise lines, for dinner it is not a buffet. Instead, it is a casual sit-down dinner in the same area as the breakfast / lunch buffet is served.

One feature of all Celebrity ships that some people miss is a self-service laundry. You have full laundry and dry cleaning service available, but there is no self-service facility on board.

The passengers on Celebrity may be, on average, slightly older than on RCI, but you can be assured that there will be a wide range of ages including lots of children of all ages, unless you are traveling in the peak of the school year when there naturally are fewer. And, you will encounter people of every social circumstance. My wife and I had a lovely time on a Century cruise a few years back when two of our table mates were honeymooning janitors. They were great companions and we all had fun.

With regards to on-board activities, entertainment, the spa and gym, theater, lounges, pools, etc I do not think there is any difference between RCI and Celebrity. Similarly, the shore excursions, boarding (except Celbrity gives you a free welcome aboard glass of champagne), ships safety, and all of the other surrounding features of your cruise are identical so far as I can tell.

In short, you will enjoy a Celebrity cruise, I am confident. Book it without fear of feeling out of place.



Thank you so much for all this info....I am thinking about booking the November Cruise on the new Century.

Thanks again

Sun Cruiser

We just returned from our first Celeb. cruise on the "Mercury." We've sailed numerous other lines and were eagar to try something new and different.
What we found in Celeb. is the crew and service were "great." We booked a "sky suite" and it was a wonderful experience. The butler was outstanding. Our suite was clean and well maintained. We did hear from others who experienced a sewage odor and cabins in need of dry dock. We had no problems.
I will say we were suprised in the level of entertainment. I'm 50, DH is 60 and to be honest we got a bit bored on Celeb.. You do have mostly older passengers with entertainment aimed at that age group. We were glad we didn't bring our two teenagers 17 & 19. They've been spoiled with the activites on R.C.L., Princess, Carnival and N.C.L.. We met a lovely single mom who brought her teenage son aboard as well as a newly married couple in their 20's. It was a first Celeb. cruise for them and they all stated it would be their last. Not enough to do for them onboard. The passengers do go all out for dinner. We were surprised how dressed-up most were for "casual" night. During the day it was casual attire. The food was hit/miss. Fellow passengers commented on the level of quality not as good as it used to be.
The passengers are very friendly and outgoing. We met wonderful people on board. The Mercury is an older ship with some wear and tear but she'd been well cared for.
We're glad we went but I don't know that we'll do Celeb. again. We don't drink and do very little gambling. However, we're young at heart and like to stay very active. We enjoy the shows, dancing, food, shore excursions and meeting new people on board. Celeb. was just a little too "quiet" for us.
I hope you enjoy your first Celeb. cruise. The service is outstanding.....


Celebrity is excellent as far as service and quality of food, and excellent entertainment. But you said your family. I would not recomend X for family's. It is more for older people, say midle age through retirment age.the only time we saw very many chidren was this past year during spring break.,and they were running the hall's all night raising h---. I geuss it was because there was nothing for them to do.They roll up the sidewalk's about 1:00 A.M. so there isn't much for young couple's either. We don't mind as we are in the middle age group. But if you are lokking to take a family I would say Royal Carribean would be my 1st. choice. JMHO. Viet


Too everyone who posted on this thread :thumb. I have never seen so many good opinions all in a row like that. Very interesting.

Thank you for your insight.


well, we have 2 Celebrity and 2 Princess trips in the last couple of years and would book either one again in a nano second. I always feel it is unfair to say any one line is "better" than another because so many things (well darn near everything) are subjective. Service, food, Entertainment, heck even the size of the shower.....what may be big to me is small to you or vice versa. So you ask, why Celebrity?

Celebrity does small things that make their service a little level above Princess. Some of these things have been mentioned, the greeting with the champagne and escorts to the cabin, cold towels or hot chocolate at the gangway when you return from shore trips and the one that I always loved was the smiley guy at the buffet entrance that always greeted your arrival with a hello and smile that led you to believe this guy had the best job in the world. The small item I enjoyed was on the Alaska trip. The lounge chairs had a very nice padding on them and the staff put out deck blankets on all of them, a very nice touch.

We were never bored, always found something to do and found the disco/night club to be hopping till last, every evening.

What would I like on Celebrity? The pools close early but the spa pool and hot tub are open late, I would like to see all of them close later. A self serve laundry would be nice but they do wash/cleaning for a reasonable price. The in-room entertainment could be increased a little, I think pay movies are on cruise ship are just wrong!.........but very few nit picky things. Celebrity is a very nice experience and truly not "stuffy" as some may think.

Sun Cruiser

Just curious as to when you took your last Celebrity cruise? All the perks you mentioned sound "wonderful." We just got off the "Mercury." We did receive the free champagne, which was a "delightful" touch. However, we didn't have anyone to greet us and show us to our cabins. No towels or hot choclate after getting back on board from different ports. No smiley guy at the buffett. No discos late at night. They did have some bands playing in different areas but no crowds. Actually, no one was in any of the clubs except for the band. We went to each one looking for the night life and found the same in each club. Everything was "empty" after the late show each evening except for the casino. We took long walks up on the Promenade deck each night between 8:30-11:30 p.m. and had the place to ourselves. It was very nice and peaceful. After 10:30, when the last show ended all was again "quiet" except for some casino activity.
It sounds like you had a "wonderful" experience. We had a "sky suite" which had a pair of binoculars, bath robes, an umbrella in the closet, a butler and a "fabulous tea" each afternoon. Those extra "perks" were "fantastic." That really spoils you. Loved the "butler." Would like to have one of my own. (ha)
Just curious, if Celeb. has changed much since being bought out? It was our first cruise so we can't really compare to previous cruises with them. I'm reading both good/bad about Celeb. just as you do with any cruise line. We felt the "service" was "superb." It sounds like the service you rec'd was "outstanding."
Glad to hear you had a wonderful cruise on board. That's what makes "cruising" so special.


This sounds really nice as we're moving over from RCCL and have booked the 14 day RT to Hawaii for our 30th.


Sun Cruiser,

Think you bring up a very valid point -- Celebrity ships (at least, Galaxy & Zenith ... 2 cruises on each of these ships) are NOT the best for Late Night (not so late, after 11 PM) especially on the longer non-holiday cruises.

Still, greatly enjoy Celebrity and always find enough enjoyable things to do before the ship "turns into a pumpkin"!

Have you ever been on a HAL cruise? HAL makes Celebrity seem like a big time "party ship" (even if only by day!) ! LOL


Know you'll love your Celebrity cruise! Wish we could go!



I think some of the perks vary...
The cold wet towels, for example...
We had them in the Southern Caribbean in March, we didn't have them in the Norwegian Fjords in July...
Same ship...but it makes sense...
Hot weather ports, cold towels...
They weren't really needed in Ireland and Norway...

As to the folks leading you to your cabin, I have found it depends on a number of factors...First, realize they only have a limited number of crew members available to do this (Some crew are operations staff, some are working the buffet, some have other things to do)...so, it depends on how many people are boarding at any particular time...and whether they help YOU may have something to do with how lost you look...
I've been on four recent cruises on M-Class ships and pretty much know my way around...On the last cruise, when the crew member asked to help me find my cabin, I turned him down since I knew exactly where I was going and someone else might need the help...

As to entertainment...or, rather, activities, no, there may not be as much as, say, RCCL or Carnival, but, we've never found ourselves at a loss for something to do...AND, we did bring our then 18 and 20 year old daughters on the Summit to Alaska the summer before last and they found quite enough to satisfy them...and they loved the ship ...We did book them into their own sky suite and they couldn't get over the service and amenities... (and they are veterans of numerous cruises on RCCL, Carnival, Princess and Premiere--that was their first on Celebrity)...I would never tell younger folks NOT to cruise with Celebrity...It is more reserved in some ways, I wouldn't recommend it to someone looking for a wild party boat...

as far as the "formality" goes, I really don't think it's all that big a deal...During the day and while in port, I dress exactly as I do on any other cruise line--T-shirt, shorts, tennis shoes...On "Casual" nights, I again dress exactly as I would on Princess or RCCL or Carnival--Dockers and a sport shirt and casual shoes...On Formal nights, again I dress as I do on every other line--a tuxedo (what I choose to wear, although dark suits are okay as well--just like every other line)...The ONLY real difference is a couple of "informal" nights--and all I do for those is to wear the SAME EXACT thing I wear on casual nights--but with a nice tweed sports coat over it--and I'm perfectly in line with the code and with what others are wearing...It really doesn't take that much adaptation at all...

Everyone has different tastes, different criteria...I prefer Celebrity due to its superior food and service...and due to the outstanding passenger-to-space ratios, especially on the M-Class...The ships are simply less crowded, more relaxing...and the service and elegance is simply spectacular...


Have sailed on Celebrity 8 times, and have 2 more booked (Mercury 1/06, Century 12/06). I think you will find them (as has been said) more formal and less flexible than other lines. Don't plan on much night life at all except for the casino.

Of the Celebrity ships, the M class (if they can keep them running) are not to beat, the best layout of any ship I've been on.

I prefer Princess (36 Princess cruises) but would choose Celebrity over RCI anytime.


M Class ships are great but I think the food is over rated except for the speciality restaurants which are the best of any of the normal cruise lines. Great Martini bars with bad service , The shows are not the best of the main stream cruise lines. Cabins are average . Is it worth the extra money? You will have to make that decision..


Having sailed on Celebrity ships on 12 of our 47 cruises and on various other cruise lines in the same time period...the last 25 years, I would like to add my impressions regarding the value of Celebrity.

All things considered....it is the "bang for the buck" that really matters. Celebrity is good quality dollar for dollar. No...the food is not as good as Crystal...and the waiters do not wear white gtloves...but the choices are varied, and the service is exceptional. All cruisers shoucl know that their particular likes and dislikes will be considered if they would inform the wait staff early in the cruise. IE: my husband likes iced tea (unsweetened) with every dinner. No problem..it is on the table when we arrive after the first night. If you wish to have some special dish served..it can usually be arranged by speaking to the head waiter...give a day or two notice.

The formality of dress seems to depend a great deal on the locale of the cruise, and the passengers who are sailing on it. European cruises are definitely more formal than the ones in the Eastern and Western Carribean....except around the pool where ALMOST anything goes. Clothing on Alaska cruises is quite different than that on cruises through the Panama Canal or way down south to visit the penquins.

A cruise can be as good as you make....you will find lots to enjoy...and some things to grumble about. However, this cruise addict is sailing on the Infinity on 1/22....a week from tomorrow, and is already planning on another cruise later in the year.

Good sailing to all of you.



Late night?

i guess we were the rowdy ones last April on the Galaxy. We will again be the rowdy ones on the Galacy this April.
We found lots to do, late!

The ship quiets down after 11p or 11:30p but if you want to dance, keep busy, gamble, etc. The ship is all yours!

We partied late with a large group...we all started as strangers on day one...lthroughout the cruise.