I see that there are quite a few people on this board that came from "that other cruise board"... Can you tell me why? I enjoy both of them.....what's the difference??

Elaine :)

Sara Lee

I will explain in great detail

but short..
I bet to differ... I dont want to cause any greivances but if a person had a problem on that board , they would if you were on the brink of suicide , cause you to go out and fix the cocktail...

To explain further , it is more of an advertisement and only only only if you enjoyed everything about your cruise , they will love you and there are people that are like school yard gangs over there ... you know the bully at the school yard... They pick they pick and when they cant find a legitimate reason to critizize you , they find things

Such as spelling and grammer and other things they have no need to do .. This board I have found people who can simply put OT which means off topic and ask for prayer , for kindness if you had a bad day ..

I urge you to go read some of the post .. read thru them .. if you read on you will eventually find one person who disagrees with the poster and then thats when the fun begins.. for them .. They are like sharks at a feeding frenzy ..
One person who is popular or well liked at that board , or two people and then everyone doesnt dare to say different .. They must agree and then it becomes a picking contest on who can be the meanest and then then then


Now in consideration of some of the posters there , some try to be nice but the gang thing takes over .. and they just cant be .. only a few can maintain a civil attitude whether you agree or disagree .

I mean not everyones travel experiences are the same and we all have bad days.. We alal have good days .. I find this board , if someone cant say something nice about you they dont say anything ..

Now Im not insulting any one personally here .. Im answering your question in the best way I can honestly ...

I like this board.... You can be funny , serious, and you can even say GOD BLESS AMERICA



I've been a regular here on this board since December 2002. I like it better than the rest because of the people on it and all the great info, but also because I prefer the design, layout and ease of use on Cruise@ddicts. To me, the entire site is much better, nicer looking and well organized thanks to our leader, John! I LOVE it! :) :) :) :) :)


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On this board you are family ! No harsh posts etc. Try going on the community board part of this site, that is where we all hang out. We come to these other boards as well but the other board is used more for all topics.

Laurie :wave


Well, I have to agree with Sara Lee as I was "really dogged" many times by others on another board. They are very 'clannish" and as long as you say what they want you to say everything is fine, when you don't you better look out! To me it defeats the purpose of a "cruise board" if you can not speak your mind without some one jumping all over you and getting on the "defensive then what is the point? Also, another well known board has really become a place for some to promote their "group cruises" and it just never ends! I have been on here a short time and so far I have not seen anyone "flaming" anyone for anything and that is the way it should be!


I post on many boards and the other board as you call it is the first board I was on. I still post on many boards. I post here more often because I feel the most comfortable here. I also find that if I need an answer fast I can get it much faster here. I have always felt welcome here. On the other board I feel that it is strictly laid out for finding facts and here I feel people are more friendly and more willing to give answers.


red stripe

nice to read the reasons.. John has a real nice setup here.. on the cruise specific boards you can get the info you need on your favorite line without having to wade through stuff you do not need.. and on the main board..the Community Board.. it is just that: a Community..where you can get fast answers to any cruise question, but also takl about a birthday or a dog..or a garden.

It does tend to throw people at first.. as some of the people there use the "OT" (off topic) in their posts as a matter of habit.. but there really are not ANY off topic posts there.
So you do not have to mark your posts as such.

Most subjects tend to give you an idea of what the post is without reading it.. If I was looking for info on a Carnival ship.. I would not bother reading topics like "Happy Birthday"..or "I am ticked off" hahaha

glad that so many of you like cruise@ddicts..
cheers, :cheers


I also find this board to be the most well thought out, easy to use, and innovative cruise site. Our Captain John is always adding new sections and improving the existing sections to keep offering us everything we could ever want in a cruise site. And the people here are really nice to interact with.

If you have a cruise question it always get answered very promptly with many perspectives represented. And I really value that. I also get to contribute to other people's question with my thoughts and points of view. And I can do this without fear of flaming.

In my opinion, no other cruise site comes even close to this one. This is by far the best cruise site on the web. :)