Why do the nightclubs alwats blow



Every time Ive been on aship the night club sux. 200 passengers and 10 peoplein the club?


When i was on the Destiny last week, it was the same thing. we would go to the club around 11-12 after dinner or whatever, and there would be like 2 people dancing. maybe it got better later on, but we didnt stick around to see and usually ended up somewhere else on the ship.



I think thats because people party hard all day and are burnt out by night time and don't want to be tired the next day !! ( to much food, foo foo, fun, and sun)I guess I base that on my own actions! I know I'm on vacation when I'm having a Foo Foo drink BEFORE noon! However I think the piano bars are fun! My husband can party all day and night but I'm a light weight!


Maybe it's because people go there, see only a few people ;) and don't stick around??? If people go and stay a while, others will also.

But really, the cruises I've been on, probably we saw the most action on the Sensation in '01. The disco was crowded every night, but the smoke was a killer! But I have noticed they tend to get a lot more crowded as it gets later in the evening. Triumph and Victory were pretty busy after midnight.

I also believe some of it is the music they play. Let's face it, the music is mostly what the younger adults dance to. However, look around on any cruise, you'll see less young adults and more of us more mature passengers. It would be nice to have a better mix of music. Personally I can only take that music for just so long.



I too seen a lot of action of the sensation. I think it just depends on the crowd. Once the dancefloor has about 10 on it then others are more likely to join in. Probably in hopes their rythemless dancing will be better hidden. (aka-my husband)!! I like the piano bars too. Get enough drinks in me-watch out Manilow!!


On our first cruise on the Victory, Club Artic was always packed after the second show let out. There was alot of young people on this ship.

However, when we went on the Legend (8 day cruise) the crowd was MUCH different. Not alot of single or even young married couples. They even closed the club (Medusa's Lair) on a couple of nights because no-one was in there. Definately a much older crowd on this particular cruise.