Why do you choose Carnival?



Why have you chosen Carnival for your cruise(s)? What are the top reasons that effect your decision?

Here are my top 3 reasons:

1) They really are FUN ships; great entertainment, active passengers, lots to do onboard.
2) The cabins -- and bathrooms -- tend to be bigger than other comparably priced (or even higher-priced0 cruise lines.
3) Prices are generally lower than their direct competition (RCL, NCL, etc.)


1) How many times have you sailed Carnival?
2) What other cruise lines have you sailed?


AS this is only my second cruise and first with CCL's I can only comment sparingly. But, we chose CCL because of the bigger rooms and because the reasonable price. My first cruise was back in 95. We went to Bermuda (via NYC) on NCL's Dreamward. She was a beautiful ship although the majority of pax's were much older than DH and I. Will CCL make me book another CCL cruise? I will find out soon.


Don, thanks for starting this thread. I'm researching and researching what will be our second cruise, and I think I've narrowed it down to the Carnival Miracle or the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas. The only week we can go is the first week of June 2005. Both ships go to the Western Caribbean. I'm scouring the boards and reviews trying to decide what to do. Our first cruise was a 4-day RCL Southern California/Ensenada cruise last month, and I want our first 7-day trip to be just as wonderful. So, your "Why Carnival?" thread will help this newbie out immensely.

Any and all comments are welcome!



This is my second with carnival.Price is a big factor me.The port is very close that helps.Enjoyed my last cruise with carnival.This is my first cruise without my kids . Our first vacation alone in 18 years.=handinhand


Don, you've made it easy on my typing... my reasons are the same 3 as yours :grin

Our other Carnival cruises were on the Mardi Gras, Fascination, and Victory.

We've also sailed on NCL, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean.

baseballmom: If prices are similar between Miracle and Explorer of the Seas I would definitely choose Explorer of the Seas. You will be stunned when you see that ship !!! :)


My top three reasons for selecting Carnival:
1) Kids activities/Young families
2) Food options suitable for children, as opposed to very sophisticated dining options which are not as good for kids
3) Price and flexibility, is that 4??!

Bonus question:
Have sailed on Disney and been on Carnival twice.


I can't really be of help. We sail Carnival because it sails out of our Port. Our cruise next month on Carnival will be our 6th.(10 total) We tend to sail anything that leaves from here. 15 minutes to the Port is hard to pass up and without having to pay for parking. Price has a lot to do with the decision. Personally, because of our age, we like Holland American. (60's). Carnival is a great "Fun Ship". Good luck on your decision.



We've cruised Carnival twice, with third trip coming in September.

We decided to stay with Carnival for our third trip because:

2. driving distance to Port (5 hrs)
3. price
4. room sizes compared to others

Someday we may try another line, but not until our son is older and Camp Carnival is not so important--our son loves it!


Hi Don!
I'll be going on my 11th Carnival cruise (since '97) in September, the Conquest out of New Orleans. We've only ever sailed on Carnival for a few reasons:

1) I **KNOW** we're gonna have a good time! I've never been on a bad cruise with Carnival.

2) We like the familiarity of a Carnival cruise (i.e., knowing how they "work"). It's nice to know exactly what to expect from their embarkation process, how their Sign and Sail Card works, how dining works, what to expect on "Sea days", etc. When I'm on vacation, I'm trying to DE-stress, and at this point trying to spend a week trying to figure out how another cruise line operates would NOT be very relaxing. At the same time, we are still able to breath new life into each cruise by choosing different ships, with different personalities and ports of call. (We do wish that Carnival would expand their Caribbean port offerings; it's getting hard to find new things to do in Grand Cayman and Cozumel).

3) THE FUNNEL!! :) Honestly, every time we plan a cruise, pressure from friends lure us to Royal Carribbeans' web pages, but their boats (especially the lido decks and common areas) just look plain and sterile. I can't imagine going on a boat without that funnel, or the water slide. In addition, Carnival often gets a lot of flack for "tacky" decor. Well, we LIKE tacky, and we'll take it over "bland" anyday. Carnival definitely hooked us with their brand on our first cruise.

4) We enjoy the Past-Guest parties. It's a small token of appreciation that goes a long way.

If anyone has any questions or comments about Carnival cruises or their ships, I'd be happy to reply. We've been on the Fascination (3X), Destiny (2x), Fantasy, Pride, Spirit, Imagination, and Inspiration. I'm tentatively planning a spring cruise on the Celebration, since I've never been on Holiday-class ship. (We FAR prefer the Fantasy-class ships to the Destiny or Spirit class ships).

- Chris


Don, this I think is a terrific thread, lord I hope I don't catch hell for this one, but I didn't particularly care for the element on board Voyager of the Seas. Gorgeous ship yes. As far as shore excursions go, I think Royal Caribbean handled them worse than the other lines i've been on. Princess handled shore excursions in a very organized manor, and as did Carnival. Very organized.

Staterooms? Carnival's staterooms are quite large. I was surprised at how small Voyager of the seas cabins were at 142,000 ton ship, and Golden Princess I was surprised at the size at 109,000 tons. All of my rooms are balconied staterooms.

I spend a fair amount of time in my room, or more so, more time on the balcony. A big thing for me is breakfast out there and reading. I often fall asleep while reading out there with the sound of the water breaking on the sides of the ship.

Carnival's Spirit class Vessels at 88,000 tons had the largest cabins.

For cost value, dollar for dollar is in the same ballpark, but with Carnival for that same dollar, you get larger staterooms, better foods, < I think> Food presentations are just unbelievable, and better organization with shore excursions.

As you see my cruise list below, I'm going back home to Carnival Legend in october. I can say, I'm sold on Carnival.


Sailed first on Inspiration 3 years ago. Then tried Grandeur of the Seas and went right back to Carnival with the Conquest. Alot has to do with location (we drive from MN to New Orleans). We went back to Carnival because they had alot more for the kids to do. Grandeurs pools left alot to be desired by kids in our opinion. That ship was far more geared to an older crowd. Now I am sure that Voyager and Explorer would have fantastic options for kids but we felt that the Conquest was way too big. Our ideal ships for our family are ships like Inspiration (REAL water slide into pool, instead of a slide and then stop). And the pizza! There is no better pizza on ships than Carnival! Now they have the great deli's too!

We were going to take a year off from cruising and do some home projects instead but if I can get a good deal on the Elation, or maybe even try a 5 day with the Celebration we may just have to do one more cruise and THEN take that year off :grin


Hey Don ... Ok since you answered my similar thread on the Royal Caribbean board , I'll do my best in posting about CCL on yours ...
I enjoy how Carnival makes its customers feel from beginning to end. I've been on 7 ccl cruises and always enjoyed that attitude of theirs.

I think the reason my buddies and I cruise on CCL is because we haven't tried other lines (until this coming Sept.) We were always scared of the unexpected and knew we had it made by going with the usual...

Kinda like going to your favorite resturaunt and ordering the usual..


Funny you should ask; a friend and I were discussing this topic last night. She just got back from sailing on the Glory and we both agreed we prefer Carnival to other cruise lines.

The main reason, aside from others already discussed here, is the overall spirit of "FUN" on the "Fun Ships." I made the mistake of taking my 80-year old parents on the Celebrity Infiniti a couple of years ago. I thought they would prefer something a little more stately and elegant. Well, it wasn't that much more stately or elegant--and, in fact, it was rather boring. Don't get me wrong, it was a great cruise, but there was a real difference in "ambience." As I put it to my friend, I missed the SMILES on the faces of the crew and staff of Carnival. And, I realized (belatedly) that my parents would have LOVED Carnival--especially the whole extravaganza they make of dinner.

Before going on the Infiniti, I thought Carnival's decor themes were sometimes a bit overdone...now, I think of them as over-the-top and FUN.

I AM disappointed that Carnival's suites aren't as special as they used to be. On my first cruise, I met some guys who had been upgraded to one and it was huge and came with a butler...we had soooo much fun with him! When I went on the Infiniti, I got my parents a junior suite and it was great: fresh fruit in the morning, tea and cookies in the afternoon, appetizers at cocktail time. Carnival doesn't have this. :(

Anyway...rambling here...I just love when you first step onboard a Carnival cruise and you look around at all the guests; many are stiff and uncomfortable, pale, not sure what to expect...a day or two later, the whole ship is in sync and swinging. You can't help but meet people on Carnival; when I was on the Infiniti (traveling alone with my parents) I didn't meet one single person and I'm usually pretty good at that.

Okay. I'll shut up now.



Three cruises down and next one booked. All on Carnival.

Pretty all the above reasons. I have nothing to compare with even though I would like to try another line. The BH is very happy with carnival and she really doesn’t to take a chance a having a bad experience with some else and then I’ll have to hear “I told you so†lol.

But the very main item that I look for when booking a cruise (it’s my job to research and gave my) recommendations). I look forward to the last two days @ sea to just relax and do what we want too. My youngest brother and sister-in-law (which is my wife's youngest sister, so he’s in the same boat as me-pun on words) took their very first cruise with us last time. Now they too are hooked, in fact booked with us for our next cruise. He now understands why I/we like the last two days @ sea. So I did the research and we (BH & sis) picked the Victory for next time. I don’t really care what ship but Carnival seems to be the only one with the last two days @ sea. There is one other ship Princess I think it was that has the last two sea days but I can’t remember why we skipped over that one.


My answer is an easy one....I haven't been disappointed yet!! My husband and I have cruised with Carnival 7 times - 2x- Fantasy, 1x- Ecstasy, 1x- Destiny, 1x- Triumph, 1x- Victory, and 1x- Spirit. We are booked on the Valor for February 2005. I haven't even tried another cruise line because every cruise with Carnival has been great! The staff, the cabin, the food, the decor, the activities, the bars, the pools - I could go on and on.

For all the people that think Carnival is the "Wal-Mart" of cruise lines, I say that I love Wal-Mart anyway! Everything about my cruises has been fantastic, except of course, debarkation. Why do they make me leave!? At least I have another cruise booked to get over that post cruise depression that occurs.


I don't usually even write things like this, but I'm really enjoying reading this thread. Had to get that in there. cruiselover..

"For all the people that think Carnival is the "Wal-Mart" of cruise lines, I say that I love Wal-Mart anyway!"

Very funny!! :lol If someone should say that to me, I'd just say ta heck with them.


Oh My God. I was reading my own post and even I didn’t know what I was trying to say. That’s what I get for cruisin’ @ work and typing in a rush. So the part that I couldn’t read is below. LOL @ myself. Someone out there better start proof reading for me so I can correct my mistakes and repost.

Pretty much all the above reasons. I have nothing to compare with even though I would like to try another line. The BH is very happy with carnival and she really doesn’t want to take a chance at having a bad experience with someone else, and then I’ll have to hear ââ¬Å“I told you so†lol.


Ok, My reason for choosing Carnival is a little different. I chose Carnival for my first cruise in Dec of 2002 because it was a Rusty Wallace Fan cruise. My 2nd cruise Dec 05, 2004 is also a Rusty Wallace Fan cruise.

I must say I was surprised at the size of the cabins and the bathrooms on the Triumph in 02. I had a wonderful time an thought that the food, shows and all were great. I wouldn't hesitate to book a Carnival cruise even if Rusty weren't going along!