Why do you choose Carnival?



We chose Carnival by default. We were supposed to go on the SS Norway, but we all know what happened there. So we scrambled and booked the Paradise and had a wonderful time. We'll definitely book with them again.


I actually started out with Commodore. But now I go Carnival.

Due to the jobs (careers) my wife and I have, we can only book in summer. We like June because it is MOSTLY at the BEGINNING of hurricane season, not at the peak of the season. Also, other cruise lines don't leave or port in N.O. during the summer and we don't want to fly.

Other reasons are that the port is about 7 to 10 miles away and we can get someone to drop us off and pick us up. (More money to spend on the cruise). I don't know if my one good eye can take the driving stress anymore (just like I can't stare at the computer like I used to), so we now leave the driving to the captain and his eyes. Also, we used to love going to Gatlinburg, but it took us almost 17 hours and then we had to take a day to unwind AND THEN THERE WAS THE LONG DRIVE HOME.

When I go on a Carnival ship, I know that most people are like me. If I were to go on one of the other ships, I would feel like I'm out of class. (I guess that I often equate the other lines with having a more demanding type of clientelle).



Price, ports close to home ( 2hr flight or 5 -6 hr drive), Price, You are not stuck in the main dinning room. We will be taking our 4th in Nov.


We love carnival, we are going on our 6th in september on Trimuph. This will be our second with our kids 10, 9, 7, 5. Camp Carinval is great the kids never want to leave and the staff takes great care of them.


I'm trying to remember how many Carnival cruises we've been on (not that its as many as some on here, but I'm both a blonde AND nearing senior-status, I use both as excuses for my bad memory!)....I think its 5 on Carnival and 2 on Norwegian.

Hubby and I both prefer Carnival. His main reason is that it truly is the "Fun Ship" cruise line. Always something going on, and he loves that. When we cruised Norwegian, the ship was dead quiet by 10:00 p.m. Literally, no one else in the dance club except us and the bartenders who begged us to stay so they'd have someone to talk to. HOWEVER, come time for the midnight buffet and suddenly it was a stampede! Hubby said he thought he'd get knocked down by all the older passengers using their walkers as fst as they could to get to that midnight buffet!

I prefer Carnival for its value, and the size of the cabins is great!....(Although we had a large cabin on Norwegian for a Western Carribbean cruise, but that was one my in-laws paid for, and it was a much better grade of cabin than we would ever have gotten for ourselves...*L*)....Plus, on Norwegian they were starting their "freestyle" dining (which felt chaotic to me), and we prefer to spend dinners with the same people so we can get to know them.


I still remember my first cruise and couldn't get over the size of the Conquest. That baby was huge! Inside it was decorated in a "Vegas, Glitzy" sort of way. Everything on board was designed for people to have fun and forget about work at home. The shows were not high caliber but were a lot of fun as well. I had absolutely no decisions to make. The kids ate whatever and whenever they wanted to. We sat down for dinner as a family for the first time in months and did it 6 nights in a row! I was basically a 48 year old kid! The balcony was unbelievable and I left the door open all night and would go out there once in a while just to make sure I wasn't dreaming. On lobster night I ate 6 tails! And, the waiter was happy to get them for me! Then, I got to visit Jamaica (Fantastic!) Grand Cayman (Stingrays and snorkeling) Cozumel ( Chankanaab) all in one week without repacking my suitcase! My son won the survivor contest and it seemed everyone had a smile on their face the whole week. You can't get a vacation like that for less money!
The family leaves in 26 days for our next cruise and we can't wait!


Well our reason is a little different. We need to take at least one cruise on a line affiliated with HAL to qualify for a discount on our world cruise. So off we go to Nassau on the Fascination. Simple math: Spend $600, get $3600 discount. But what the heck, we just might have some fun, too.

Jerry and Wilda


Anopther reason I have sailed Carnival is that they offer more cruises that are shorter than 7 days. Sometimes hard to get away for a whole week.

Happy Cruising,



Compared RC to CCL and RC just kept comming up short on perks and higher in $$$. Carnival is our vacation home away from home. It just always fits and meets our needs, no matter how they change from cruise to cruise. I always shop but never buy anything but carnival. I'm always at home with them, never felt like I had to "work" for my vacation, or endure the "stuffyness" of other lines while feeling so pampered and glamourous in the process. Throw in kids to the equasion and it beats what Disney offers, they charge too much for the same.

So each cruise we seriously shop around but come back to CCL each time. I say this after swearing we'd do the RC next one up for a change.... but guess who booked the destiny for 9/04 and not RC? !!!! We're the CCL poster children, minus the funding!! But we do take donations though not tax deductable!!!


we picked the Miracle on 6/26 because it was a new ship, it sailed out of New York and it's schedule/itinerary suited us better than others that also left from NY.

We had an absoutely miserable experience, and will never sail Carnival again. (see my review on this board for why it didn't meet our expectations or standards). Even our kids hated it and were bored

We are a young family, and we've sailed on Costa, Home Lines, Cunard, and RCCL. We deeply regret not taking another Voyager-class RCCL cruise.


I'm with Mona, I chose Carnival because they sponsor Rusty and because Rusty and 1200 other Rusty fans were onboard. I'll be going on my 4th Rusty cruise in Dec.. However, I wouldn't hesitate to chose Carnival for any other cruise. I find the rooms, the service, the shows.......just everything to be great. The only other cruise I was on was Premier, The Big Red Boat, in 1998. We had a great time then too.. I guess a cruise would have to be really bad for me to not have a good time. GO CARNIVAL!!!


We took Carnival on our first crusie (with family) this year. And we will continue to use Carnival because, in our experience, the cruise was very family-friendly.

We enjoyed all the young people/children on the ship. We also enjoyed the staff and service.

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Alot of the same reasons :

Cabin size
Food/Dining (also 24 hour pizza & Ice Cream)
People (Crew and other passengers) incl. Dining room waitstaff, pursers, room steward, Lido Deck waiters
Service, fast and the crew always seems so happy to do things for you
and also the fellow cruisers

and the list goes on. I love Carnival also because it seems to be more of an "All age" cruise line, more Family/Friendly oriented. Like I was on Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas.... Beautiful ship and I did have fun, but it seemed that there were more older (boring like) senior couples on board. Which there is nothing wrong with them cruising of course. I think thats great that they are out cruising and enjoying themselves. But it just seemed like they were too boring and not friendly. They seemed more to themselves and not interested in meeting people. I'm 22 years old. And on Carnival there are people ages from young kids to seniors. Now the seniors on board the Carnival ships I've been on, were more "my type". Any older people that I met just seemed so nice and down to earth, fun and silly, outgoing, and just interested in talking to just anybody that walked by them. Just how my family is, and my grandparents. Carnival just seems more "homely" to me. Its comfortable, relaxing and I feel safe. They take great care of you. The crew members are more interested in talking to you making sure you're having a good time. And our room steward is always talking to us and checking on us, too. But not too much to the point that its annoying either. But alot more then Royal Caribbean did. My grandma is going on my next cruise and she will just love Carnival more then the Royal Caribbean Lines.

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