Why do you love cruising?


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I would love to hear what brought you take your first cruise and why you love cruising now?

For me I took my first cruise as a Senior in High School with my class. It was so liberating to be treated as an "Adult" and travel the world alittle. It was so much fun. The server was impeccable and so was the experience. My next cruise would be years later and the ships, offerings and experience has only improved.

One of the core things I personally enjoy, is the care free nature of cruising. You can be as busy and active or relax (all day). You can set the pace and do what you want, when you want. I also love being at sea and never tire of the enjoyment of watching the ocean, visiting new places.. seeing other ships and meeting new friends. This is what keep's me coming back.


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I really don't know what it is......just love the view of the wide ocean and being at seas. Been hooked since Aug 1994.

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While we worked Joe wanted to land tours all over Europe for 3 weeks at a time. I got sick of it! Hated living out one suitcase per person for weeks, get up early in the morning to catch planes, trains, buses, cars, etc. and then getting into hotels late at night.

After I got DH on a cruise and he discovered - YEA -- we could unpack for for 2 weeks or more and see lots of ports -- he was hooked.