Why in the world do some people think it's ok to take a dog into a grocery store?

Do you think dogs should be allowed in any store the owner wants to take them?

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Cats on HAL???? Where? I've been sailing with HAL since 1952 and have never seen a cat on board....

The ONLY dogs I've occasionally seen on HAL are service dogs - with one exception. A Newfie sometimes is brought aboard as a greeter for "show and tell" in the show lounge when a ship stops at St. John's.

red stripe

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ditto...Mary Ann...

I have NEVER seen any cat on HAL or any other cruise line for that matter.
and the only dogs (2) that I have seen were strictly service animals for blind pax.

And when they are "working" these animals are so well trained we should all send our kids to their training school.
They are not about to stop to sniff anything.

You ever watched people in the fresh veg department? mine comes home and gets a salt bath.......

there is no comparison between working dogs and our pets...and yes.. some of us actually train our pets well.. but not to the extent these dogs are trained.


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I see th here alot. Or they leave them in a hot car here in Florida.
Or they have 2 dogs in thier lap as they drive!!! That's as bad as texting and driving.


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bob: Glo, spend your birthday in a grocery store...........

AND feel free to take Kief with you, if anybody asks just tell them he is an insanity regulation service animal, nobody can question that. :

ha ha ha... and if I can visit the store Calgone goes to, maybe Kiefer can get sanitized at the same time. He's already been neutralized....
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I saw a van in our parking lot this morning, and the passenger had two little chihuahuas on her lap. As the driver got in, the larger of the little doggies got in her lap, and she drove off with the window all the way down and the chihuahua in her lap hanging out the window. I could just imagine an accident and that dog getting thrown out the window and lost or hurt or worse. Do people these people not think???


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Maybe it's where I live but I have rarely seen dogs in grocery stores, service animals or otherwise.

I could get a service animal for seizures and if I did do so it would need to go with me to the store (I would try to minimize that but I know I couldn't guarantee never having to bring the dog) and I would never have a problem with showing documentation and explaining why I have service animal. I know that CA is trying to protect the disabled and afford them their privacy but I think it's just silly not to be able to ask for documentation for the dog.

I agree with Shipmaven on this issue and also Red's comment that people do it because they can - no consequences.



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I saw a van in our parking lot this morning, and the passenger had two little chihuahuas on her lap.
That's nothing...last year I saw someone driving around our Supermarket parking lot and the driver had a toddler on his lap....Oh...and in our vehicle there are two little doggie car seats in the back seat! We are much happier and so our our dogs when they are confined!

...another thing that bothers me a lot are people who take their little ones (under 2years) on airplanes and do not buy a seat for the child but keep the kidlet on their lap...they endanger their child and they put other passengers at risk as well. It's time that airlines outlawed this practice. If I am not safe without a seat belt neither is a child. In any really bad turbulence a parent will not be able to hold on to the kidlet and he will become a missile endangering those around him as well as himsef....We noticed our granddaughter travelled by plane really well in her carseat. She was very used to being in it on car trips and there were no complaints from her when she was restrained in her carseat aboard the plane...she took it as a given!

Do you think I can take my dogs in the passenger cabin of the plane if I bring their doggie car seats??? :biggrin:

red stripe

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Beryl, the first flight on a plane with my daughter, they gave little sleeping bags that you popped the baby in and put them under the seat..


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if you buy them a seat..............

a few of years ago on a flight to seattle, there was a service dog on the flight (service dog in training, he was a lab about a year old) perfectly behaved, laid at his masters feet the entire flight, when allowed to, entertained some children and managed the entire situation like the professional he was. I consider that a big difference to a chawawa in a handbag.


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red...I am killing myself laughing...There have been a couple of kids on flights I have been on that I would have loved to shove under a seat!!!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

Cruise cutie

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DD Cynthia's first job years ago after college was working in Scotland for Hilton Corp..she *SWORE* she was working for Paris to be an idiot for profit..

and Valerie OMG about PMP..aaaaaand spill my coffee.LOL....seriously stuck her under THE seat??!!??

PULEASE .......Beryl and I swear we'd go to "Stewardess School" NOW just for the option!!..and I'd be first in line to offer....:madd:..hugs Y'all......Joanne

red stripe

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Beryl, Cutes..

I kid (...er... pun) you not...

KLM.. Royal Dutch Airlines...
I was making a transatlantic flight with them. My baby was one year old.. the flight was full of babies.

They gave us all nice booties with their logo embroidered on them for our feet. So we could remove our shoes for the long flight.

And these padded on the bottom "sleeping bags" when it was time for baby to nap.. you put it in the bag and slid it under the seat.

And then.. they brought around a glass..yes.. GLASS of Champagne.

This is for real, and not a red stripe joke.

Krazy Kruizers

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We have had quite a few dogs on HAL on our recent cruises. People are using any excuse to bring them on board. The worse one was in 2009 when a woman in a wheel chair had her smelly Yorkie with her -- the dog did not wear the usual "service dog" coat. She held him all the time. The people at her table were furious that she would bring him to dinner and allow him to eat from her plate. There was quite an uproar over this. Since then we have seen as many as 3 dogs on a ship at one time.

This is just one thread I could find about cats on HAL:


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KK, that is amazing.

so what will the Cruiseline do when someone with severe cat allergies finds themselves in a cabin that just housed a cat?

The world has gone mad.

Einstein, we could have taken our Golden.....

Cruise cutie

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:doubleup:I believe you truly..it's just now there are a few kids I'd gladly STUFF under a seat..the kickers, the whiner's, the shreikers...sigh...none of my kids would have *dreamed* to act that way!!..:hammer:..it'd be the LAST time they ever got on a plane!!..but nowadays parents are just oh well too bad for YOU!!...
a year ago February while flying down to FLL after a billion day stretch of work before we left..I had the 2 year old shreiking /kicking my seat for better than a 1/2 hour..the ding bat parents said NOT a word!!/crying BRAT from Hades.. really...RIGHT behind me... and he and the parents got a telling at/ off from me ....I had had enough!!..and the other passengers clapped after I RIPPED a strip off the entire lot of them..little Brat shut up fast too!!
he KNEW!!..stupid parents..I told them I had raised FIVE children who would never in their lifetime DARE to pull that CRAP..and they had better fix it NOW!!..talk about a jolt..they were floored!!

lemme tell you since the Stews had their hands tied ..they were thrilled I did it too...they told me so..:biggrin:..I pay for decency and I'll be dipped to not get it.:(
.parents like that..Bad Karma!!!!!!.............................


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Bet they didn't think you were such a "cutie".....I though, think you are as cute as a bugs ear and you can travel with me any day! Oh how I would have loved to have seen the faces on those parents!! Good on you Cutes! :biggrin::clap::biggrin::clap::biggrin:

red stripe

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Cutes.. my mother on a plane.. same scene..

Mum turned around and using her very upper class English voice in a way that it carried .. she said, "Why don't you go outside and play?"

parents must have thought MUM was going to do something if they did not.. So they stopped said brat kicking mums seat.

She comes by it naturally.. my Nan.. her mum.. once took some nail scissors to an offending feather
.....but that is another story.....


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red, I'm laughing... your mom told obnoxious kids on a plane to go outside and play! LOVE IT! CC, you did good!!! Obnoxious parents raise obnoxious kids. LOL.


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Susan's Board of Directors meetings are held at a local bank. Little Kiss was always welcome there. One of the board members once said Kiss had a better attendance record than some of the board members!

Susan used to take Kiss to the farmer's market. It was their Saturday morning ritual for a long time. Dogs really arent "supposed" to be in there but it was pretty common. I think taking a dog to an open air market is different than taking one in to a super market.