Why in the world do some people think it's ok to take a dog into a grocery store?

Do you think dogs should be allowed in any store the owner wants to take them?

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Glo, add to that one, obnoxious people (my next door neighbors) raising obnoxious dogs who think nothing of letting their horse, aka Great Dane, bark nonstop.

True story: Several years ago, I went to pick up my best friend at the airport when an angry father confronted me about complaining about his toddler while on the plane. When he started screaming at me and waving his fist at me I called for security. What he didn't notice was his wife and said brat trying to get his attention to tell him that he was yelling at the wrong person. I hadn't even been on the plane! Too late, security placed him under arrest and the passengers who had been on the plane cheered.

I can remember having lunch in a very nice cafe in Italy one time and many of the patrons had their dogs with them. Different places have different ways of looking at things. Actually I've seen more problems with kids than with pets. No, I don't take mine to the grocery store or to restaurants.


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Jacquie - Italy and France, to name two, are very pet friendly countries. It's not unusual at all to see dogs there in restaurants with their owners.


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Our farmers markets here in CA don't allow animals unless they are service animals. I guess they are afraid of them peeing on the organic basil.


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As Mary Ann pointed out some places are more dog friendly than others. Carolinians LOVE their dawgs.

The bank tellers at the drive throughs there have lolipops for the kids and milkbones for the dogs. Kiss' head was always at the window when Susan was making a deposit. Always mugging for treats from the tellers.

Krazy Kruizers

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KK, that is amazing.

so what will the Cruiseline do when someone with severe cat allergies finds themselves in a cabin that just housed a cat?

The world has gone mad.

Einstein, we could have taken our Golden.....
On the Noordam cruise that I mentioned about the woman in the wheel chair who brought the dog to the table -- I know a couple who had the table next to them -- he has allergies with dogs and cats. This year they just happen to be on the cruise with the cat.

They are through sailing on HAL.


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Would cruise lines be able to get away with saying ONE CABIN OF EACH CATEGORY IS SET ASIDE FOR THOSE BRINGING SERVICE ANIMALS ON BOARD. And if you have a service animals, you HAVE to use one of these animals, in order to keep the other rooms for people who are allergic?

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On the Noordam cruise that I mentioned about the woman in the wheel chair who brought the dog to the table -- I know a couple who had the table next to them -- he has allergies with dogs and cats. This year they just happen to be on the cruise with the cat.

They are through sailing on HAL.
KK.. I do not know if you read what I said in Einsteins post about "so what is your excuse?" where it gave me a chance to say that number of cruises do not matter one bit.. that only current events count?
well you have proven me right.. as with a pot load of HAL cruises... I did not know about this..

And the poor guy.. I do not blame him a bit.


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Found this on the People of WalMat website.

Polly Want A Cracker?

While I am not a frequent WM shopper, I will occasionally pick up a roll of paper towels or Windex there. In our WM it is often easier to cut through the produce/food department to get to cleaning supplies since the main aisle is often clogged up with fatties looking at super deals on chips or clothes for their 10 kids. Well, as I was walking through produce one day, I heard a “squawk!â€. I turned around to see a man with a parrot on his shoulder (no harness or anything, just on his shoulder), and bird poop down his back. I was in somewhat shock, wondering how exactly this man even got his parrot into the store. That’s when I saw him pluck a grape out of the bagged grapes, and hand it to the parrot. The bird ate most of the grape, but flung part of it to the floor. Then the man handed it another grape, which it partially ate flung onto the floor, and another which it didn’t even eat, it just kind of chewed on, flung it and it landed on a pile of apples. Then the bird pooped right on the floor and really started squawking. By that time, he had caught the attention of quite a few other shoppers, and a store employee approached him and asked him to leave immediately. He then began shouting about how they could not legally make him leave, since this was his SERVICE PARROT! He must’ve been prepared for this sort of situation, because he reached in his pocket and pulled out some sheet of paper he was explaining was a copy of the law regarding service animals, and that they had to allow him to have his bird. The employee told him service animal or not, he had to leave or they would report him for theft of the grapes. He picked the bird off his shoulder, sat it down on the produce stand, and started walking out. The employee chased after him, and told him he couldn’t leave the bird there. He turned around and said “you said I had to leave, not my bird!â€. The employee told him she was calling security if he didn’t take his bird and immediately leave. He picked up his bird, and told her he was going to the cops to report them for discrimination since he needed his service animal, and they were not allowing him to have it with him. It was by FAR one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. I felt bad for the poor parrot too, with an owner like that, who knows what kind of things that poor bird is subjected to on a day to day basis. (I did some research out of pure curiosity after that, and I guess if you say it’s a service animal, a store can’t ask any further questions and must allow it in). I have a parrot myself, and he may occasionally in the summer ride down on my shoulder (in a harness for his safety) to the OUTDOOR flea market since he likes people. But good god, I would never dream of bringing him into a store, let alone a store that sells food!