why is attire such a sore subject on this board?




2004-2005 rci caribbean brochure: PAGE 115
"FOR EVENING WEAR, COUNT ON THREE BASIC TYPES OF ATTIRE"...No mention of suggested, requested or whatever.

My point was and still is: It gets confusing!!!...(no offense taken).



Thanks for your direct approach. I have beeen asking similar questions which are crucial to the enjoyment of my holiday. As the packer (mother!!) of a large English family, I naturally need to fit in and know whether long gowns are appropriate or whether to buy a tux for my 14 year old son !!

We are going on Splendour of the Seas, departing Tampa, on Christmas Eve for 9 days and desperately need any advice whether sarcastic or not.............at least you get some kind of idea!

As a family we do tend to dress up on holiday, and my husband likes the James Bond thing in hisTux!

Thanks in advance, Lesley

red stripe

Lesley, as a fellow Brit, I understand the dressing up thing :) if you like to dress up, then by all means do so..

I tend to dress up a little more than most on every cruise night. To me, that is part of the charm of a cruise, as it is not the norm at home.
You will not be alone in this.

And the bottom line here is that the cruise-lines ARE at fault in this. They dropped the ball.

Once upon a time they stated exactly what was REQUIRED wear for all nights.

Formal was Tux or business suit for the men and gown or cocktail dress for the ladies (in the main dining rooms)

They also had Semi-formal nights, where you would wear something dressy without going over the top.
and then the rest of the nights were casual.. which still meant no levis or shorts etc.

You knew what was required of you, and if you did not wish to conform on an night, then you went to one of the many other places to eat.

Then they started to chicken out, and got really creative in the wording.. leading to all the confusion that we now face.

Unfortunately I think that for many reasons.. and not on dress alone.. we will one day see the cruising lifestyle go the same way as flying.. Where once it was a rather specialevent.. to a time when it became the "Trailways " of the sky's. :lol


Ross - Yes! We were reading from the same spot! Under: What Should I Pack?

I think it is a hoot that under Smart Casual it states: dresses or pantsuits for women; jackets for men...

I guess the men don't have to wear trousers that evening...as noted under Casual & Formal...too funny....I'd actually like to see that...a whole boat load of men walking around with no pants! Not!!

Lesley - All kidding aside...long gowns are appropriate, very much so...as are cocktail dresses....as far as a tux for your son....only if you want to spend the money....my husband and son normally just wear a dark suit, white shirt, a nice tie, black socks and black dress shoes. On our Mariner cruise next year my husband is actually going to be wearing a tux. You mentioned that your cruise is during the Holidays...I would think for Night Time that the passengers will probably be dressed just a little extra special. So pull out all of the stops per se...not everyone gets to cruise over X-mas and New Year.

Also Lesley - I've always found it easy to list each day into thirds: morning, afternon and night and write down three outfits for the day. That way you can look at the list and see if you might have a pair of shorts that you are going to wear on this day for lunch that you can wear off of the ship the next day while at port.
This helps with planning on what shoes you are taking...they can add up fast! Have a wonderful cruise!!


Thanks for your advice. We will dress up as we enjoy it and become the trendsetters!!!!
i probably will buy my son a tux as we go to lots of special events at home. cheers happy holidays



You can see how confusion is the rule of the day!!!


Always nice to hear from our cousins across the pond!!! Any effort to dress nicely is always applauded (By 90.66% of us anyway...) You can go for the formal look or you can dress creatively (luggage restrictions in the air). My wife usually goes for jeweled tops...easier to match with pants and skirt. Your son can go with a dark suit or even a fancy dark sports jacket with a dress shirt...some kids wear fancy dress shirts or collar-less dress shirt with a jeweled button cover. Kids are not expected to wear a tux but...it certainly looks great to see them making an effort to look sharp on a formal night.

My point is that not everyone on the SPLENDOR will be wearing a tux. Like Red Stripe says...you can dress as creatively and elegantly as you feel like. Good taste is always encouraged. Have a great time on your cruise and enjoy.




There are always three ways to answer the question of attire. The one that folks choose most often (for good or ill) is the one where they assert what they believe folks "should" wear. Of the three, I think that is the least likely to match the intent of the question asked. When folks ask about attire, they're actually asking either, "What do I wear so I fit in with most everyone else?" or "Will they allow me to dine wearing XXX?" When threads on attire are started, it may be useful to ask the poster which of these two (or three?) questions is being asked (if the intent is to actually answer the question <grin>).


Hi Bicker, got lost after the 2nd question bit!!!!!
Actually just want to know so that my teenage son will not spend the holiday sulking because I have made him look stupid. Trust me this could be the kiss of death to our holiday!

Still, Dad will wear his tux, black and cream, i will wear my gowns because its a good excuse to get them out of the wardrobe. my daughter will dress creatively ( i like that phrase, ROSS) and my son will get his choice of dark suit or tux

thanks everyone for your help
cheers m'dears