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why is carnival bashed?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by dblack, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. dblack

    dblack Guest

    i have sailed with carnival 3 times, and in feb. it will be four. i have had a great time each trip now ,i know sometimes you may have negative expeirences aboard a ship, but how come people bash carnival so much? i have seen people rate them last among other major lines, and even call carnival a nothing cruise line. now i know i have not traveled with any other line, but i believe the next cruises i book that i will try some of the other lines so i can see for myself if carnival is as terrible as some other cruisers say they are.......is there anyone else that feel the way i do?................anyway cruise addicts i really love this site....
  2. Nanni-B.

    Nanni-B. Guest

    We sailed Carnival's Inspiration first in 2002, then RCCL Grandeur of the Seas in 2003 and in 2004 we will be eager to go back to Carnival. I think it is just a personal preferance. When I think back to the actual ships, the Grandeur had a more expensive feel to it, with alot of glass and brass. The Inspiration felt more like it had a 'loud' design. The pools were far more kid friendly on Carnvial, which I suppose would be viewed as a negative to some, but very positive for us. Our food was better on Carnival, although Grandeur had a nicer dining room. No booths, all tables. I would never give Grandeur a bad review however, because we had an fanstastic time. We just prefer Carnival because it is more our style of cruising.
  3. cruisequeen

    cruisequeen Guest

    We have sailed Carnival more often than RCL. Carnival seems to have a more layed back attitude and a younger "feel" about it. RCL seems to be a little more upscale. It's all what you like. We enjoy both lines. But I have good friends that would only sail Carnival if they prices were out of this world wonderful. They have not had good experiences with Carnival. I think people should not judge a cruise line by one poor cruise. We didn't care for the "Pride" but that doesn't mean we wouldn't use Carnival again. The food on the Navigator this time wasn't very good but that won't keep me from sailing RCL again.
  4. lainie

    lainie Guest

    I agree with what is posted above. I have sailed on Carnival 4 times already and am sailing twice more in 2004. I admittedly have never sailed on any other line but from what I have been told by other CCL passengers who have sailed on other lines, a lot of them prefer CCL. When you are reading posts and reviews you need to also keep in mind that there are those individuals who for example are very picky eaters and likely have difficulty no matter where they go to eat, not just on cruises. And other times you can read a review where the person had NOTHING positive to say at all. Take those with a grain of salt as there will always be those folks who are simply never satisfied with anything. SO... read all you can, as many opinions as possible, read up on cruises in books and travel magazines, talk to a TA , realize not all will be perfect -- no vacation ever is completely perfect -- and make up your own mind. AND HAVE A GREAT TIME !!! =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave
  5. LHP

    LHP Guest

    It is just like Fords, Chevys and Dodges.....some people will never drive anything but what they consider "the best". Cruises are like cars....you can get a lemon with any of them. And if you are a Cadillac person....you are not going to be happy with a Geo Metro....no matter how cheap it was. People need to be realistic and do their homework . For some people Carnival is the Cadillac...for some it is another cruise line. That doesn't make any better than the other. Those who bash any cruiseline are just like those who bash people and other things in society....they are insecure, immature and ill mannered. Sorry, but life is full of people like that. I simply try to avoid them at all costs.
  6. PEB

    PEB Guest

    I have been on 5 different cruise lines so far, each cruise line had its good points and if you want to look hard enough its bad points. I have been on two Carnival ships both back to back sailings for east and west Caribbean each time and thought Carnival did a great job and I WILL have no problem with going on Carnival again. Carnival is not my favorite cruise line but I have no complaints about Carnival, I am just more comfortable on a different cruise line.

    I guess my point would be if you go on any cruise line with an open mind and do not bother to compare one line to another you can have a great time on any cruise line. Some people waste their time on comparing things they like on one line to the other lines. I prefer to find the things on the ship I am on, regardless of cruise line, and enjoy those things.

    If you like Carnival do not worry what others who want to bash the cruise line say. You know what you like and that is all that matters.
  7. marcia

    marcia Guest

    PEB, you make a great point. We had been on Carnival twice, then went on Princess this year. Altho it was a great cruise (how could a cruise not be great??!!), we kept comparing to Carnival, and for us, Princess didn't match up. We should have just enjoyed Princess for what it offers. We did have a great time, but could have enjoyed ourselves more had we NOT done the comparison thing. Thanks for the words of wisdom!!
  8. dblack

    dblack Guest

    wow, each of you have made intresting points. i guess i will stop listening to everyone else and enjoy what i like about carnival, or whatever ship i sail in the future.thx


    My first cruise on carnival is in a couple of weeks.I don't know what to expect. I keep hearing the bad along with the good on Carnival so i went and booked a last minute 3 day cruise on the Fascination on Dac 5th.I have been on RCI twice and had two different expierences..I will Let you know what i think of carnival when I get back.

    The Big Red Boat 1/97
    Majasty of the Seas 1/03
    Monarch of the Seas 3/03
    Fascination 12/03
    Majasty of the Seas 1/04
  10. cash1968

    cash1968 Guest

    The answer is simple their #1 in the business and business that is on top of the heap is always bashed, WalMart is the most admired company in the world, voted one of the best companies to work for. Known to be a major contributor of keeping inflation down but yet is always bashed. Thats just our society.
  11. Telegalc

    Telegalc Guest

    Always remember :

    No such thing as a bad cruise -
    only bad cruisers........
  12. iceman

    iceman Guest

    I totaly agree Carol. A good example is the most recent bashing. The cruisers had already made their mind up about the cruise before they went. I could have wrote their review before they got back.
    Bottom line, " Fun Ships" are for fun people!

  13. Cole617

    Cole617 Guest

    going on my 3rd Carnival Cruise. Once was on RCCL I just like Carnival better although I think I want to try somethng new next time
  14. Moonglws4u

    Moonglws4u Guest

    I agree with Shane. I go on Carnival for the "fun" atmosphere... the Momster and I are more the Buffet kind of atmosphere than the Boston Pops Orchestra (nothing wrong with Boston Pops mind you) but were there to laugh and have fun. That's why I stick with Carnival because the cruisers on many of the other lines just aren't the kind of folk I want to hang with.
  15. piglet492

    piglet492 Guest

    It's very simple. On my first cruise, the ship had propulsion problems and we missed our port of call at St. Marten. Yes, it was disappointing, but I had come on the cruise expecting to have a great time and I was NOT going to let a little thing bring me down. Long story...short. We ended up stopping at Nassua, Bahamas for a 5 hour port of call on our last day at sea. It was GREAT. Even with a rain shower that came in halfway through the stay. If you think you will have a great time no matter what, more than likely you will!!
  16. kate-nanna45

    kate-nanna45 Guest

    I have done 6 cruises on Carnival and all but 1 were great experiences. I love Carnival and will sail again next year. Most times a cruise is what you make it - your on vacation, going to beautiful places, eating what and when you want, with no cooking or clean up, etc, etc. What could be wrong????????????? Katie
  17. Santa Fe Jim

    Santa Fe Jim Guest

    I agree with the posters here (except cash) -- Cruising is a wonderful type of vacation and it's hard to imagine my not enjoying any cruiseline. But *which* cruiseline is a matter of preference. My first cruise was on the Inspiration a couple of years ago -- "won" it on an auction site. I enjoyed it so much that I decided I would start cruising for my 1 or 2 vacations a year. I did start looking around on the internet and decided I'd try HAL for the next cruise. I took that cruise in April and was so up on HAL that I went again in September. I don't know that I have time and money enough to try a lot of lines, so I don't know if I'll get back to Carnival, but I did enjoy it enough to make me an addict. It's just that I prefer HAL's service and atmosphere to the liveliness of Carnival. I think it's great that there is such a selection available for all personalities/temperaments.

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    I just went on the Fascination for the first time on carnival. I decided to give carnival a try to see what it is like..I wont go again on the fascination.It was not the carpet stains that bothered me thats normal wear and tear. but some of the service sucked.
    I never met my room steward the entire trip. Yes the bed was made and there was ice everyday but the floor was never vacumed.
    I tried 5 times to call room service the first night they never answered there phone.the last night Room service hung up on me four times. finally I went to the Pursers desk and complained and it took the pursers desk for me to get room service...
    there was a crew door next to my cabin that they kept slamming thru the night so i called and complained and nothing was done about it.. It took me going back for a second time to complain to get anything done..
    there was good points.the dineing room staff was nice and some of the shows were funny.I tried to make the best of my trip and overall I would give carnival a C-But I am going back to Royal Caribbean for now..

    The Big Red Boat 1/97
    Majasty of the Seas 1/03
    Monarch of the Seas 3/03
    Fascination 12/03
    Majasty of the Seas 1/04
  19. >>And if you are a Cadillac person....you are not going to be happy with a Geo Metro<<

    Hey.......I had a Geo Metro and loved it...........but then I knew what to expect from it.
    A fun little car for only $7,100.00 brand new that got 42-50+ miles per gallon!
    It's called "bang for the buck!"
    We now have a Pontiac Bonneville SSE with power everything and although it's nice to drive, it's not as fun as the Metro.

    Same with Carnival. Great "bang" for the least amount of buck in the cruise industry.

    Those Carnival bashers should be VERY happy that there is a Carnival or all of us beer drinking, fun type people would be running amuck on their ship.............

    As PEB stated......

    "if you go on any cruise line with an open mind and do not bother to compare one line to another you can have a great time on any cruise line"

    An open mind????

    Some people havea tough time with that.
  20. Mar

    Mar Guest

    Chipdetail, had to smile when I read your comments. I could have written almost word for word our experience on RCI's Vision last year. I guess somewhere along the way everyone is going to experience a less than perfect cruise. By the way, our next cruise is on the Carnival Spirit in February. We have cruised with HAL, Celebrity, Princess, NCL and Carnival. Almost all were wonderful!

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