Why is mid-ship better?



I keep reading that when selecting a cabin it is better to go for mid ship. Less motion, etc. My questions is that if mid ship is prefered and often comes with a higher fare than other cabins in the same category same deck, why are the most expensive cabins on many cruise ships aft or fore? Usually they are at the extreme ends of the ship. Don't the planners consider that someone in the PH might get sea sick as well?

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Good question. Fot some PAX who do not have a problem with sea sickness those cabins are the preferred cabins because of less foot traffic on each end of the ship, and because of the view. I love being forward or aft because I do enjoy the movement of the ship and therefore always book a forward or aft cabin if available.



Its that old "eye of the beholder thing"
To some midship is the best.
NOt to me. I love being aft and the ultimate for me would be having an aft balcony cabin.
Yes, there is more movement and noise being aft but i really like that - i enjoy knowing I am on a ship !


Movement on the ocean is felt the least in the middle of the ship. A ship is like a see-saw and as it rocks back and forth and from side to side...it is the center (or fulcrum) point that moves the least. For passengers affected by movement sickness...this is the best place to be. Also, the lower you are at the center the better (for movement).


It's a holdover from the trans-Atlantic ocean liners, and the "class" system...
The older liners did not have stabilizers, as todays ships do. They were also smaller, narrow and long. The Titanic would be considered a small ship, today, at about the same grt as the Holiday.
The motion (pitch/roll) was greater, on those ships, so location made a large difference.
Likewise, the First Class passengers had the upper decks, while the Steerage passengers were all "below." Now, the cruise lines charge more, the higher you go. Yet, if you go back to the "movement theory," you're technically better off on the lower decks, closest to the water line, for the least movement...


Some of those more expensive aft and fore cabins have to do with cabin size and balcony size more than they do with location...

Most cabins along the sides of the ship are fairly identical...but, in the extreme fore and aft, due to the shape of the ship or due to the added balcony space at the rear, you may get some size advantage...

I remember being on one ship long ago, I don't recall which one, where we were near the front of the ship...the configuration was such that there were two hallways with inside and outside cabins along each until you got to our cabin...there, the hallways jogged inward so the ship had only one row of inside cabins...Our outside cabin was actually about one and one-half times the size of the cabin next door...

Toward the rear of the ship, there are often balcony cabins facing the rear where the balcony may be three times the size of other balconies...


Less movement and closer access to the activities. shoppes, bars, casino, stairs, and elevators.


I'm an "afty." I would only go mid-ship if ALL aft cabins were gone!

I love the motion of the ship...what little there is of it. I love the rocking back and forth and sometimes you get to feel this a bit more aft. As far as vibration....perhaps just a bit when you leave port...no biggie...certainly not a inconvenience to say the least.



I'm prone to motion sickness. Always had to ride in the front seat of the car. I always book midship lower deck, inside. I love cruising but can't look down at the water. Have to look at the horizon. Take bonine every day of the cruise.