why should I cruise norweigan?



I have been on 4 cruises...all Celebrity. /thinking of cruising on norweigan this time. It would likely be to the carribean 2004...4 adults 3 kids(17,15,13). Can some of you who have cruised with norweigan before tell me what the advantages would be? Also what's so great about freestyle cruising? Don't you still have to pay to get into those dining areas? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated


You are a port type person and you hate it when you have to come back early to eat at the regimented times. You hate formal nights and taking fancy cloths.

I have tried NCL and I have been on Celebrity 5 times. I have found that Celebrity fits my personal cruising style.

These are JMHO and should be taken with a heck of a lot of salt. You might love them just like thousands of others do. There is nothiing wrong with NCL, you just have to understand what you are going to get and see if you fit that mold.


If you like casual dinning and no set time, you will love NCL's Freestyle dinning. The two main dinning rooms are no charge. The additional dinning rooms cost $10pp. You can choose what you want.
We usually ate late and never had to wait on line. We liked NCL because of this.


You should look for a large ship with lots of teen/kids activies. Carnival, Princess, RCL.
are better choices.


NCL's newer ships are larger without being overwhelming and provide plenty of entertainment for kids. I cruised on the Sun this past April with my kids ages 10 and 13 at the time and they were never bored. The freestyle dining is a great option for families as it allows so much flexibility and no need to pack so much of that extra "dress up" wardrobe.

The Sky will be offering an exotic southern itinerary during the school break time in April 2004 that I am considering myself. Can't imagine being tied to a dinner schedule when your time in port is already so limited on a cruise!


We sailed Norwegian Sky to Alaska and loved it. Never been on Celebrity however.

We love the freestyle dining. I found the service great (others may disagree about that) and the flexability was terrific. We never had to wait to be seated for any meal either.

There is an area for kids on the ship which my 8 yr old son loved. There is also a teen only room.

Negative I found for NCL....and this may be because they were just starting service to/from Seattle (instead of Vancouver)........ was that the transfers to and from the ship were very confusing and with poor communication.

I recommend NCL.


There is no reason to sail on Norwegian.Freestyle is no big deal you will have a much better experience on Royal caribbean without a doubt,as well as carnival better food better entertainment and better atmosphere,and much more personable service.I have cruised many times and Norwegian does not compare to any of the others trust me on this.


I have been on RCL,Carnival, and NCL. I enjoyed them all but each is a little different. I would hesitate to listen to anyone that absolutely hates everything about a cruise line and absolutely hates their whole cruise. I liked the freestyle on NCL but I am also a very relaxed, go with the flow kind of gal. I liked the excellent service from my room steward and waiters on RCL, my kids enjoyed the livlier atmosphere on Carnival. I mainly look at the itinerary when choosing a cruise. Check out reviews of all lines on this board and others, but remember, all cruise lines have good and bad- if it was totally and completely awful they would no longer be in business. Good Luck.

Maria Diaz

NCL is not for people who travel with children.

Royal Caribbean (any of the big ships) are the best for families.


My 8 year old son had a great time on NCL's Norwegian Sky.
Why do you believe NCL is not for people who travel with children?