Why Should I switch to Celebrity



I am considering a variety of cruises. Why should I switch to Celebrity from Holland America? All opinions appreciated.

Marion Paris

I will have a much better idea about your question next month. Sailing on the "Z" on August 30- our first HAL cruise. Very eager to see how HAL compares with Celebrity.

I like Celebrity and have a very open mind. The food on all our Celebrity cruises has been 5 star. The entertainment could be better but as long as my tummy is full I am happy :jump

The service on Celebrity has been excellent and I don't have anything to complain about.

Let you know next month when we get home....No such thing as a bad cruise only a better cruise.


It has been years since I sailed HAL and there are several reasons I have stayed away.

The crowd was uniformly older than any other line in my experiece. HAL has long had the reputation of catering to the more senior crowd.

The sports/athletic options were fairly limited. I am very active and like to have lots of options for exercise.

The food was a bit bland for my taste. I prefer to have a wider variety of more unusual choices.

The nightlife was pretty sedate and by midnight it was pretty much all over.

The Indonesian crew was polite and efficient but I prefer the more outgoing staffs of other lines.

For me, Celebrity has great food, high quality service, very nice cabins and beautiful ships. But it is also too sedate for my taste in a Caribbean cruise. I would cruise Celebrity in the Med but tend to stick to RCI here.


dogladyjw, to repeat what may have been said, I need to understand what you are looking for in a cruise? What kind of service and entertainment you expect and like. What kind of food do you like? Are you a plain meat and potatos person or do you like the European style of cuisine?

Here is the only thing I can give you with out knowing that. Why should you switch and try Celebrity? You shouldn't if you totally love HAL. You should try Celebrity once if you truly want to see how Celebrity compares and meets your expectations. Only you will know that no matter how we all respond.

I tried HAL after 5 Celebrity cruises. I'm glad I did and the HAL experience was very good, but it showed that for me Celebrity is a better fit. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't sail HAL again but my preference will be Celebrity.

Clear skies.


John certainly has the right idea. Unless you have had a bad experience or have a reason to switch you may not want to rock the boat (pardon the pun) We are switching lines in November to Celebrity and are excited, but the only reason is the price. We got a really great deal on the Constellation Thanksgiving week. I am glad we are trying the line and know we will have a positive experience. So much depends on what you personally are looking for in a cruise experience. Every single line has it's nitch. I also would never let one bad experience ruin my reason for trying a cruise line a second time if I found a good price, itinerary, etc. This holds true for me with restaurants or anything else in life. Trust your own judgement and happy cruisin



You are sailing in 13 days? It's a little late to change from HAL to Celebrity at this late date, or are you talking about a future cruise?.


Thank you to all for your comments. I was giving you the opprotunity to tell me what was special about your favorite line and that would help me decide if I should try it or not. Thanks again to all.

Marion Paris

I was under the impression that HAL is trying to attract a younger passenger and cater to more families.

Two weeks from tonight I will have a really good idea what HAL is all about. I am looking forward to our Zuiderdam cruise, regardless of the comments and complaints we have heard about the ship.


Short and sweet.. Availability of Itinery...and Price. Why switch if you are pleased with your present line and have to start "past pax" perks all over.