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Why use a travel agent?



When we were on the Conquest this past October there was a Travel agents convention. We were seated at breakfast several times with agents convinced they could do more for me then my booking the air/cruise myself. Honestly, I saw no reason to use an agent when I could do this all myself.

Is there an advantage that I am unaware of. It is my understanding they do the same "homework:" that I would do. Looking for the best bang for the buck. Seems to me just adding that third party is more cumbersome.....then worth any advantage.

I understand that someone who is not internet savie.... or has not cruise before my use one but after the first cruise I see no need.

Linda in Ohio


If you know what you are doing, and if you are willing to do all the homework, then there is little advantage to using a TA. However, if you don't want to do all the work, or if you don't know what you are doing, then a TA has something to offer you.

However, a TA can also add value even if you do know what you are doing. A TA, being in the business might know things that only an insider would know. Also, if something goes wrong, a TA, who books a lot of business might have more clout than you, and thus might be able to put apply more pressure than you to solve the problem.

For my 2nd, 4th, 5th & 6th cruises I used an online TA. Basically I either booked my travel via the Internet and never spoke to the TA, or I called the TA, told them what I wanted, and they booked the trip. For my 3rd cruise I booked through Carnival myself. However, I believe I can do better. I am using a real person (a TA) to book my 7th cruise. If things work out the way I hope they will, it will not cost me any additional money and I believe he will add value to my vacation.


First cruise, booked with Carnival directly. After that for the next 5 cruises, all did online cruise brokers, like Cruise Value Center and Best Price Cruises. I liked that best, got the good pricing, and all details were taken care of. This time we used a TA human, and I am not all that impressed. We got a good deal, but little details like dinner time, or seating arrangements weren't discussed till we brought it up and now we may not get what we want. If you don't mind clicking a few mouse buttons to get what you want, then use the online brokers, they are great.


Just a thought. 17 of us were scheduled to go to Cancun in Nov, Hurricaine Wilma cancelled our plans. We all booked through a TA that I knew personally and dealt with many times before. To make a long story short, half of the group broke away and booked trips on their own, the other half stayed with the TA. I think we made out very well, she dealt with the tour operators, made all of our arrangements including flights, This was very last minute, no hassle for us regarding credit card charges etc. The other group had to cancel their charges with the airline and hotel then recharge for the new trip. We went to St Thomas, they went to Jamiaca. I think my TA was excellent during this time. As far as booking a cruise, she knows what I like in regards to dining times, cabin style, flight times etc. A good TA should ask these questions when you book. Just remember , when and if things go wrong, your TA is your backup and should have some leverage to remedy a situation.