Wild Parties on Carnival



I had a conversation with my manager where I work about wild parties aboard Carnival cruise ships. She's a frequent cruiser (and most likely a partier herself) and she informed me that I shouldn't be surprised if our cabin might be next to a group of loud late night partiers.

Since Carnival is known to have a younger crowd than other cruise lines then I can see this as being possible.

Have anyone of you had any issues with late night partiers in adjacent cabins???


Security is pretty strict about keeping the noise down in the cabin areas. The cruise contract states that people who don't follow the rules can be put off the ship if they don't comply. When you think about it the cabins are pretty small for partying. Not much room for a lot of people.

The only times we were disturbed late at night was a group of kids running and being loud in the hallway (Carnival) and one other time some loud people getting off the lift and heading back to their cabin. (Celebrity) Only two times in 16 cruises, not bad.


Nine cruises on Carnival, never had such an experience. As previously mentioned, loud kids in the passageways (halls for you landlubbers) have disturbed me on a couple of occasions, once on Carnival, once on RCCI. As for partying in a cabin; ask yourself, if I was twenty something, where would I party on a cruise ship? ANYWHERE there is a crowd, right? The only partying I'd be doing in my cabin would be the one on one kind, if I happened to get lucky!


This is a great question...and I always get asked it, by friends and family.

For us, we have never heard any sort of partying in the cabins...just as posted above running in the passageways occurs, but thats life. But one thing to remember is if you decide to get a cabin under the Lido deck...expect the noise of chairs being moved, and carts being pushed around...but again for me thats just life. I guess it pays to pay attention to where you get you cabin...IMHO.

Good luck and have fun!



Sometimes people who have had too much to drink walk down the hall late at night talking very loudly. Well...I'm guessing they've been drinking....I suppose they could just be rude. Other than that...we've not heard any partying going on. However, we don't go during any school breaks so I can't say whether it would be different then or not.


Just got off the Conquest and the party in the next three cabins started at 2:45am for three nights. On the third night people started complaining and banging on the walls. Security came and after that we never heard a sound again. Someone heard a man say his wife was taken out of the cabin and he had not seen or heard from her. A women was taken off ship the last day in handcuffs.


Security is tighter than ever honestly I noticed on the past 2 cruises in Aug and Sept... they are FAST too getting to calls it seems....


simba1328 makes the point I stated at the beginning. Security WILL deal with it but somebody has to complain before they'll do anything. I would have complained on the first night not the third.


i had a room next to us that parents put all of their kids in and it was horrible. ear plugs wouldnt drown out the sound of them jumping from bed to bed and hitting the wall. i complained three nights in a row and nothing was done. security came up and told them to quiet down. that works on 10 year olds for abotu 15 minutes. on the 4th night i followed the kids to their parents rooms and then the next day called them a hundred times from all over the ship as they tried to day sleep. I told them i would continue the remaider of the cruise if they couldnt control their children. didnt hear a peep out of them after that.


On all our cruises, we've never experienced loud parties in the cabin area. Running feet from unsupervised children, yes, but never loud parties.


Well Paramour - I guess you have your answer.LOL Your manager may have had that one incident of late partiers in the cabin next to hers - but as you can tell from these replies, doesn't often happen. KIDS, much more than adults, have disturbed my sleep in neighboring cabins. These days, Carnival caters more to families than to rowdy partiers.


Hi Everyone. I have been on 10 cruises 6 of which have been Carnival and have the Destiny booked
for March 2007.
I can honestly say also that the noice has been from young children left in rooms with no parents
and some late night hall way running. Bit nothing thatr keeps us up or awake all night. With the children in the next cabin I did report them and they were spoken to. It was kinds funny when the parents saw us they instructed them to say I am sorry. They did and the very next day back to it. It did stop after day 2. May everyone needs a day or so to get the excitement out of their systems and realize that there is 7 days to party
I did remember my first cruise RCCL Song of Norway. There was a group of adults (together) have a great time all week. So its not Carnival I just believe it in all of us. Aren't we all partiers on some sort?

Love to cruise Cheryl

ps the March 2007 is our daughters honeymoon cruise and she has invited anyone who can $$$ can come along. She was married this past July and had honeymoon (1).


We had this on the conquest, but it was a spring break sailing and mostly the noise was teens run amuck down our hallway. Now, I'm a parent of teens, who were sailing with us.... you KNOW what cabin is making the noise. Although many might not opt for this, one night I direct dialed the cabin.. just type in the cabin # on the phone and politely reminded the teens it was WAY past 12 and the next phone call was to their parents and security, please keep it down. It DID work.

Now would I try this with rowdy adults? Honestly, probably not, I'd just call security... because adults tend to cause bigger problems. But this is an easy way to curb the problem before it errupts and you're really ticked off. IMHO.