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Will cruiseline provide packed lunches for on shore excursions

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Nickoftime, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. Nickoftime

    Nickoftime Guest

    Could anyone tell me if the cruiseline provides a packed lunch if requested when we go on shore?

    And are hairdryers provided in the cabins?
  2. runner15km

    runner15km Guest

    There was a hair dryer on CCL Victory. I believe it is against policy to bring food off of the ship to the visiting ports.
  3. robcool

    robcool Guest

    They will not provide a packed lunch, but many people bring along a collapsabile cooler and order a sandwich from room service to take with them on shore. Not sure if that is against the rules or not, but it is done all the time.
  4. Nickoftime

    Nickoftime Guest

    Thanks robcool !

    Very much appreciated. I'll definitely make a point in getting a collapsible cooler bag !
  5. PLG

    PLG Guest

    I do it too, it's more like a collapsable lunchbag. I take water in it too cause we snorkle a lot and I need to rinse that nasty taste out. Conquest and VIctory both have hair dryers. Pat
  6. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    sensation had no hair dryer; conquest had hair dryer; and as the other post stated, alot of people take the lunch cooler baggie with a sandwhich from room svc; we always liked eating wherever we were though - enjoy the local "flavor". sophie :)
  7. Most of the shore excursions I've done offer a buffet or some other meal arrangement... Try not to get caught carrying food onto or off the ship, it is illegal... know it because I got a fine trying to smuggle some mangoes (LOL!)

    Newer ships have hair drier, however I got one from my cabin stweard on the Fascination.

    Good luck!
  8. Nickoftime

    Nickoftime Guest

    Thanks Coppertone Girl !

    All that food on board the ship.....but no mangoes ! LOL

    I, like you, appreciate juicy ripe mangoes....I am just surprised they were not offered on the ship.

    Thanks again for responding.

    PS I noticed that you actually work on board a cruise ship.....interesting....which one?


  9. How did you know? my husband worked on several, but that was a while ago. My sister just recently started working for Carnival with their children's program... she's on the Triumph. Ah and my mom is GASP! a Customs Agent (but I still have to pay the fine!)

    I got caught bringing Mangoes into the States, but not from a ship, at the airpot.
  10. Nickoftime

    Nickoftime Guest

    Hi Coppertone Girl!

    Just call it intuition. ; )

    Since you and your family seem to have been born on ships and are seasoned sailors....is there any advice you can give me...I'll be cruising on the Carnival Miracle with my family (three kids 15, 12, 7) on March 13, 2005. This will be a Western Caribbean cruise with the following ports of call: Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Belize,Costa Maya.

    Thanks Again,


    PS. you don't really have a coppertone tan, right?
  11. LOL!! my inspiration for my nickname was from last Halloween party at Vizcaya in Miami, some girls came dressed as the coppertone girls, wearing nothing but their bottoms and a stuffed puppy clued to the backs of it... well they also had 'pasties' on... welcome to Miami!!

    Is this your first cruise?
    Lets see...
    Bring bottled water for the trip to FLorida and the posible long wait to get onboard...
    Don't try to go to the Purser's Desk inmediately after boarding... most people do and they don't even know what for!
    buy "Downy Wrinkle Releaser!!!"
    buy radios for the kids (2 way) $30 for a set at best buy
    bring a power strip
    buy a calling card that can be used outside of the US

    In Cayman, DO go see the stingrays
    DO NOT waste your time in "Hell"
    Do bring yoru camera for great shots of the architecture and other docked ships
    DO buy some rum cake, or at least try it
    G Cayman has great beaches, some near the port within walking distance

    Oh my favorite shore tour is the Jeep Adventure to Paradise... Like $80 each, but you get to drive a jeep and go thru this town, to the mountains, some caves and to the beach... they have a mexicano buffet and the kids can play volleyball at a private beach
    Great snorkeling!

    I've never been to Belize, but my husband loves it .... please note, my husband loves eco-adventure and tourism... he gets down and dirty and requires no high maintenance... so I (the queen of high maintenance) don't think I would have a good time there

    Sorry, I've never been to Costa Maya..

    Have fun!!!!!!
  12. Nickoftime

    Nickoftime Guest


    Only bottoms and pasties on Heh ?(pronounced with a Canadian accent)....
    I have never been invited to a party like that.....
    and I don't think "pasties" are available in Canada...what are they?

    And why do we need the Downy Wrinkly Releaser? LOL


  13. Downy Wrinker Releaser can be sprayed on the clothes and helps with the wrinkles... plus they smell good :)

    Amazing how after all I said ALL you paid ATTENTION to was the pasties!!! LOL
  14. Nickoftime

    Nickoftime Guest

    I don't think Downy Wrinkle Releaser is available in Canada !
    As you can tell by my fine attention to detail, that is not all Canadians are deprived of.

    However, we get alot of snow and cold blustery weather up here !


  15. Nickoftime

    Nickoftime Guest

    Hey Coppertone Girl,

    Could you recommend any hotels in Tampa close to the port where we can stay. We will be driving down and require accommodation for the Saturday night before the ship debarks. Do any of these provide a parking arrangement for the full week and a shuttle to the ship?

    And by the way, I was paying ATTENTION and thank you for all the great advice.
    As we are bringing three kids with us, we cannot possibly do all the excursions. We will probably being going on a Mayan temple excursion, and the boys and I may go to Stingray City.

    Where did you find the nicest beaches?

    I hear 7 Mile Beach (Grand cayman) and Chanabb(?) Park on Cozumel are great locations.

  16. I have never been to Tampa, SORRY!

    Sting ray city sounds fun. Are you taking your kids to the Temple excursion?? make sure they have fun, I would think a teen would consider this a VERY VERY HOT field trip. MEXICO is DRY people, very ver veeeery dry and HOOOOOOTTTT!!! Hey, I love my mayans, and my diego riveras and my cactus like the next girl... I'm just saying maybe your kids would find it boring...

    I HAVE no IDEA what the name of the beach we found was. But it was near some shops and we just HAPPENED to find it while taking a stroll... it was small and empty, near the street so we know it wasn't like private property or something. We took our clothes off (well we had SS on) and went for it!

    Good luck!
  17. Elly

    Elly Guest

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