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Will Ecstasy Live up to its name??

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by hillbillycruiser, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. Hello all you cruise experts.....The wifie and I are going on the Extasy in December out of Galveston...We've cruised twice before from there, both on RC...and pretty much loved everything about it both times...This time were trying Carnival, partly because RC apparently has ceased 5 night sails out of Galveston, and at this time my wife can't do 7 nights due to her job ...so my question is...will we be as happy with this cruise as we have been in the past?? We are both the type to make it a point to enjoy things and are not too picky...even when on the last cruise the weather was rough at first and people were puking everywhere....but we still had fun. Happy Cruising to all!!!
  2. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    Hello and =welcome to Cruise @ddicts.

    I think all the Fantasy class ships will have their makeovers complete by December so I think you'll enjoy the Ecstasy very much. From the reviews and photos I have seen from the ships that have already had the refurb, they look great.
  3. Thanks Michael.......hope you are correct....we are both sooooo looking foreward to this next cruise!!!
  4. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    I'm sure you will be happy with the cruise. As I have said many times, I've been on 17 cruises (four on Fantasy class ships) and never a bad one. We enjoyed sailing out of Galveston last March. There's a Starbucks right across the street from the ship and a great restaurant called Fisherman's Wharf right next door.
  5. j13c85

    j13c85 Guest

    Our first two cruises were on this ship and it definitely lived up to its name. I wish there were more balcony options on this class of ship, but that is the nature of this particular beast.
  6. renzy55

    renzy55 Guest

    My husband and I took the Ecstasy last month (Jan 12). We were extremely disappointed. We have been on 7 previous cruises (Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Commodore). We found the ship to be not very well maintained and the staff in the dining room were forgetful to say the least. Maybe we are spoiled by the outstanding service and friendliness of the other lines. The ship seemed very dark and musty and there is no promenade deck where you can sit and read or just watch the sea go by. The food in both the dining room and the upstairs buffet was never hot. You can't even walk all the way around the ship. It's really a shame, because we live in Houston and loved being able to just drive to the port, but now that Voyager is only there a few months out of the year we will be flying to Florida to cruise. We won't sail Carnival again.We decided to try Carnival because it was so cheap You really do get what you pay for.
    I'll never gripe about Royal Caribbean's prices again.
  7. OK...so thats one good review and one bad....so far....I'm hoping someone who sailed recently will post a good review of the Ecstasy....but honest reviews are what we're all looking for anyway...and I've learned everbodys taste sure are different.....some people are very critical of a particular hotel or restaurant and then when we go there it doesnt seem bad at all...guess you neverknow!!!
  8. brenda52684

    brenda52684 Guest

    im doing the ectasy in two months and that bad review has me worried now...
  9. 85Sooner

    85Sooner Guest

    We have cruised both the Rhapsody and the Ecstacy. The ecstacy is an older ship you can tell, but has been remodeled. We had a great time on both. The Rhapsody was a bit more formal I would say and the shows were very good. I expected a "party ship" from carnival and I was wrong. The food was much better than I have had on Royal Caribean the last 2 times we went with them. I like the formality of RCCL but was not disappointed in the casual feel from carnival. The only down side I saw on carnival was the Shows. RCCL is like minor league for vegas, Carnival was a high end highschool review. Trust me though. You will have a great time and you WILL want to go again and again. Bov Voyage.
  10. Thanks for the review...I'm sure looking foreward to finding out for myself...hopefully it'll be a great time :)
  11. John Cruise

    John Cruise Guest

    I have cruised Carnival 7 times. Celebration 3, Ecstasy 1, Conquest 3. I loved every minute of every cruise. If I have to say something negative I dont like to but I didnt like the layout of the Ecstasy. It seemed hard to get somewhere to just hang out on a deck somewhere. If the Conquest was not there....well....I would probably take the Ecstasy again because that was the only thing I noticed and of course I like Carnival and I like to cruise. The fun overpowers anything negative!!!! John.

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