Will I be too disappointed going on Horizon after Summit?



We absolutely LOVED our cruise on the Summit this year- so much we tried to stay on the ship for the Eastern Car. itinerary after the Western (totally full!) I'm wondering if going on the Horizon for our trip this February would be a letdown for us? Our boys had a blast in the Fun Factory, we loved the nice big ship, it never felt crowded, loved the casino. I know the Horizon is a lot smaller, but is Celebrity still Celebrity no matter what ship you go on? I'm counting on some of you die hards who've sailed on every Celebrity ship to help me out here. I can get a Princess cruise a whole lot cheaper but we both figure we'd rather go with what we know was an A++ experience all the way, rather than feel out of place or disappointed. I swear my husband was ready to buy his own cabin to live in if they would have let him. (BTW we'd go on the Summit again but the prices are really high for February for some reason). Any help appreciated.



We never sailed on the Summit but have sailed on the Horizon, Millennium, Century & in July '05 the Infinity. We are a family of 3, mom, dad & 11 year old daughter. Our first Celebrity experience was on the Horizon. There's a big difference between the ships as far as size goes. On the Millennium, we had a veranda room which was a nice option & is not available on the Horizon. The kids program was very good on the Horizon but was fantastic on the Millennium, much in part because the program facilities are much larger & there's more to offer. While some people find the Millennium class ships to be too large, we found that there was still a great deal of intimacy about this size ship. It was never crowded & offered many places to enjoy a public area while still being in a non-crowded environment. The library & music room were great places to unwind. We felt that the dining experience on the Horizon was better as far as the food quality & the dining room staff, however the specialty dining on the Millennium (Olympic) was superb and should not be missed and is not available on the Horizon. Having sailed on the Century & Millennium, I probably would not sail on the Horizon again unless I had a great deal. However, although we have never sailed on Princess I would opt for the Celebrity "Experience" on the Horizon simply because I know what I can expect as far as service & quality of the food.

I hope I didn't make things more confusing for you.


We were not dissapointed even though the Horizon is a smaller ship, it was very nice.
If the cruise was where I wanted to go I would go on the Horizon again and have been on the Infinity twice, the Millennium once, the Constellation twice and the Sumitt once.


We have sailed the Summit (twice) as well as the Century. We leave in two weeks on the Horizon (in the ONE AND ONLY - hopefully - BALCONY CABIN #1074) to Bermuda. After much, much, much research, we booked #1074 in hopes what we have seen and been told is true. We too are very loyal Celebrity fans and have nvere been let down. Good friends of ours sailed the Horizon and said it is up to par with the Millenium class ships. I hope so, we will let you know when we return November 02, 2004.


Thanks for all the input- Princess has some terrific deals right now but I can't bring myself to book until I've exhausted every possibility of a Celebrity cruise. We'll probably end up on the Mercury to Mexico for 10 days, I've heard that's pretty good for families?


I think your guys might be the ones to feel the difference in the ship. Adults (being one myself) didn't have and trouble going Zenith/Horizon (same size) to Infinity and back. But as said above & even in your own comments there seems to be so much room on the Summit..kids activity room(s) much more upgraded on Summit also.