Will I have problems w/airport security?




I have THIS in my arm and haven't flown after having it done. Will this impede my progress thru the security gates? Does anyone have plates in their bodies and do you set off alarms. I'm a shy person and don't like to be the center of attention and afraid of setting off the alarms. My husband has a steal rod in his leg and has no problems.
Leaving in 18 days for a 13 day trip on the Dawn Princess out of Vancouver.

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My dad has 2 fake hips/2 fake knees and a rod in his shoulder - truly the bionic man. The first (and only) time he flew, he was so worried about airport security not letting him through that he got a note from his doctor. His MD wrote a note detailing what pieces of him might set off the alarms and attached copies of x-rays to show the rods, etc. Gave my poor old dad piece of mind - he never did set off the alarms (however this was pre-9/11) Happy Cruising!


A buddy of mine has a steel plate in his head that sets them all off. He used to have lots of problems but now carries a doctor's certificate stating what it is and the problems have stopped.


My son has a smaller version of wat you have in his arm from a skateboarding mishap last vacation. We have flown 4 times since then and he's never sounded the 1st alarm. I wouldn't worry about it.


Just got back from flying to Atlanta and Baltimore with two knee replacements that will set off the alarms. No big problem, I just told them that I have knee replacements and they asked me to step over to a quiet area where they go over you with one of their magic wands. It probably took an extra three or four minutes.



I would say that you should have no problems. Just explain the situation. If I really worries you that much, get a letter from your doctor. That should be no problem at all.


Just do not do what one guy did getting on the ship. They do the silly screening as you board the ship and this guy was setting it off. The kind and gentle security guy kept pointing to his pocket to say he had something there. Passenger response was no, there is nothing there to set it off. I have two replaced hip joints.

This went on for a bit, and then the guy finally pulls a large camera lense out of the pocket. Of course, it still beeps and he still clearly has something in his pocket.

After some hassle, he empties his pocket of some other items.

Why this guy was so stupid to have his pockets full, knowing he would set off the machine anyway.. duh!