Will my 13 yr old son be bored on Glory?

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I'm going on the Glory in August and he says that he will be bored and there will be nothing to do... Any suggestions?


I may not be 13 anymore and haven't seen the age for oh 40 years but I have a granddaughter that age and nieces and nephews at the age so I am not out of touch with 13 year olds. The BH and I just sailed on the Glory last May. If he gets bored then that means that he is going to stay in the cabin and watch TV 27/7? Just the arcade alone will be enough to keep him going. But he will find so much more to do. Swim in the pool(s) or the water slide. Disco club for kids. My favorite free ice cream. You may want to buy him a soda card. Well worth the price if it's for kids. Just can't remember how much. He'll meet other kids too that will also not be bored. You better buy some good walkie-talkies to keep in touch with your not so bored son. That may be the only way to find out where he is being bored.

He'll have a blast. Just remember to let us know when you get back just how bored he was, NOT


My 14 y.o. son just got off the Conquest. The age grouping there was 12-15. Most were 12, and few 14 or 15. Was that just bad luck or were they there and not with the Club? Later in the week he attended some of the 16-18 y.o. group and felt like he fit in a lot better. He was never bored. He spent a lot of his time eating the pizza (available 24/7) and didn't gain a pound. If he wasn't there, he was playing games or out by the pool.


I guess it depends on the kid. If he is outgoing, able to meet people, enjoys food, sun, tropical islands, music, shows, etc. he will have a good time. If he is going to stay in the cabin watching TV, he will be bored.


My 14 y.o. is on the shy side, but he knew he didn't want to just stay in the cabin. With his case it didn't so much depend on him and his age as much as it was dependant on the ages of the others in his group. We think it was a poor age grouping. How many 12 y.o.'s have the same interests as 15 y.o.'s?