Will Sensation Depart on 7/16?



This will be my first cruise, I hope. With Hurricane Emily targeting Cozumel, where else could the ship go with a storm in the Southern Gulf? Do you think it will be canceled? Thanks in advance for any and all replys.


JBQ, we are sailing with you. I e-mailed my PVP yesterday afternoon and got this reply:

I know Tropical Storm Emily is quite a distraction to your cruise - but please do not worry about it right now. New Orleans will not be affected and the Sensation will be sailing. The worst case scenario is that the ship will be directed to ports that are not in harms way, safety is the number one concern.

There is nothing different for you to do. If for any reason there will be changes, Carnival will notify you. Please understand they usually do not make port changes until very close to sailing depending on the storm's position and destinations.

Any more questions, contact me anytime.


Oh yeah, the ship will sail. Your itinerary will most likely be changed. Ever been to Key West, Nassau? Rest assured, the ship will not sail into the path of a hurricane.