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Will the salt water in the pools on the Monarch bother my eyes?



I wear contacts, and really can't take them out, because I am pretty blind without them... but how salty is the water in the pools? Like ocean water salty?


Yes, just like the ocean. Well Maybe a bit less, but very salty all the same. My husband wears contacts and is fine, he just doesn't go under water or if he does he wear the water googles. The googles are a good idea if you want to swim underwater or if you don't want some kid jumping in and splashing you and have your eyes burning.


Glo --- You can "swim" w/ your contacts -- just don't put your head under. You'll still be cooled off & refreshed but w/o the discomfort. Often, I'll go in w/ my sun glasses on too. You'll see lots of other silly people like me too.