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Will They Move The Conquest to Gulfport Again 2004?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Nanni-B., Aug 13, 2003.

  1. Nanni-B.

    Nanni-B. Guest

    Does anyone know if this was a problem that they were able to correct as far as structure or are they going to move the Conquest every spring to the Gulfport? How far was it from the Julia Pier to Gulfport? What kind of chaos does that cause? Almost ready to book but we want to leave from NO! :) Nan
  2. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    Supposedly they are going to be able to move the low hanging power lines over the river. Entergy has promised they can do this. So far, I've seen nothing in the papers about Conquest going back to Gulfport.
  3. yuyi64

    yuyi64 Guest

    Barring any unforeseen emergencies, the Conquest should not have to move back to Gulfport again. The work to raise the powerlines is proceeding on schedule and should be finished by October of this year. By the end of next summer the lines will be buried under the river via tunnel.
  4. carolee

    carolee Guest

    the power line work has been completed. it was in the local paper about a week ago, so the ship will be staying in new orleans.
  5. Nanni-B.

    Nanni-B. Guest

    GREAT news! Thanks for the info! :) Nan

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