will this be my FANTASY?



Hi. I am a newbie at this cruise thing. My husband and I and two boys (3 and 4) are leaving Sunday for a 4 day cruise on the Fantasy.

We have a "guaranteed suite". Does anyone know about this? It is supossed to be cat 11 or above. I didn't realize until reading some of your posts that there were balcony cabins below this number that were better. They show a really nice suite on the "virtual tour" which I think now is the "penthouse suite". I don't want to be dissappointed. This is out first (and dream cruise) and if it stinks, our last cruise in my husbands eyes!! What can I expect?

Also, as I said, our kids are 3 and 4. Will Camp Carnival keep them (without us) at all for this cruise? I don't care about paying for baby sitting but don't even think they still will be awake for a 10:00 pm drop off. I am a stay at home mom and desperately need some time away and will hide in a dinghy or jump overboard in Freeport if need be...(just kidding???) My husband and I have had about 5 nights out in 4 years.

As I said, this is our first cruise and I am sure I will have fun no matter what. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


When we go on our FANTASY trips the kids stay home. The cruise is foe mom and dad only....


First, a suite guarantee. Cat. 11 "suites" on Fantasy class ships are about 220 sq ft with an extremely small "balcony" that is anything but private. It barely has room for 2 small chairs. Also, most of cat. 11's have obstructed views. Now that the bad news is over, let's talk cat. 12. Cat. 12's are all on Upper Deck and are a little over 300 sq ft with a balcony that is about 70 sq ft and it is completely private. Cat. 12's are far superior to the cat. 11's. As for the kids, there are daily activities scheduled at Camp Carnival. Each day, you will receive a schedule of events for Camp Carnival each day so that you can plan the kids day around those activities. The only time that baby sitting charges apply is after normal operating hours for Camp Carnival; usually after around 10 PM. Here's hoping you get that cat. 12! Have a wonderful cruise!


5 nights in 4 years with 2 kids :)
well at least you made good use of your time together!!!
maybe it's a good thing you didn't have more time then you would have 3 kids to bring

you will have a great time on the fantasy
that is the first cruise we took
the only bad thing was that it was way way way way too short
now we go for 7 days and sometimes this is too short

30 days til paradise


Our first cruise was on the Fantasy also. But we went without the kids. It was wonderful!! I agree, the bad part was it was way too short! You will have a great time. You really aren't in the room much, but the balcony's are nice for just relaxing.

We're going for 7 days this time, on the Conquest, and taking the 2 kids along. I sort of wish we had the first time, cause they would have loved it!. We talked to a few kids on the Fantasy who thought the Camp Carnival was "awesome"!


i just returned on the 4 day fantasy cruise and had a ball. the ship was a bit worn in areas, but the promenade deck looked brand new,i didnt travel with children but hardly seen any of them around the ship,unless it was with the camp carnival counslers ushering them to different activities they seem to do a good job....


Thanks for all the great info. Obstructed view or the best stateroom onboard, I think we will have a blast. Tomorrow we will be heading to Port Canaveral at about 11:00. I am on top of the world.

To all that have posted and are counting down to cruise time, may you be as excited as you were the first time sailing...(as I am)...bon voyage!! I'll be sure to check back in and let you know how things turn out!


Hope you have a blast!

This is my second and cruise and I am MORE excited than the first, cause now I know what to expect!


we were on the fantasy couple of summers ago, 3 day cruise, we got 2 cabins, 1 for us and 1 for our kids. it was fun, but way too short. the next year we went on the glory in a cat 12. penthouse suite. this year we are getting an inside guart cabin with only 1 kid.
trying to save some money, maybe we will be upgraded to at least an oceanview.


We did a "guaranteed suite" on the Inspiration, a Fantasy class ship. It is supossed to be cat 11 or above. There are no other balcony cabins below this number on this ship. We also had four people which means they have to put you in a cat 12. Due to the fire/life thing, they can't put four people in a cat 11. That is why our TA had us book the "quaranteed suite" she knew that we would get the cat 12 for the cheaper price. You'll love it the little ones will share a couch that makes a full size bed. There is a divider between sleeping areas.

If potty trained they can do camp carnival. You should get lots of alone time. Yes, the do have babysitters too.