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Will we miss the ship?!?!



We signed up for the Royal Swim through Dolphin Discovery in Cozumel. The excursion is at 3:30 pm. They go by Cozumel time, not ship time. Ship time at the start of the excursion would then be 4:30 pm. Our ship sails away at 7:00pm.

The excursion is said to be an hour and video/photos are ready for viewing immediately.

If we have to be back on the ship by 6:30, do you think we will make it?

For those of you who have done this excursion, how close will we be cutting it?

How long is the taxi ride to Chankanaab? Are taxis ready to go or hard to find?



That would be cutting it too close IMHO. It's about a 10 minute cab drive from the International Pier to Chankanaab Park, add another 5 minutes if your ship is docked at the downtown pier. Cabs are usually readily available at the entrance to the park. Keep in mind that it's a pretty good hike from where the cab drops you off to the ship gangway.


I also think it's too close for me. I'd try to switch times if possible. Anything could happen to delay you getting to the ship.


There is no excursion that would be worth taking a chance of missing the ship. People have done it and it was a horror for them.


Well, consider us risk takers then. :) There is no other time available unless we wait to book on the ship.

We called Dolphin Discovery and they gave us some tips to expedite the process of getting out of there right after the excursion. For example we won't view the video after.

We spoke to some of our fellow Cruise Addicts as well and they seem to think we can do it. We are going to take the chance. I can just see you guys cringing. Part of me is cringing too - we are usually way more conservative with time.

I have heard that, depending upon the Captain of your ship, that the ship can decide to go by Cozumel time when in port. Anyone ever had this happen on Navigator?


Did you try booking it at Isla Mujeres? They have a 10am one. Maybe you'll be able to get in on that one?


That would be too risky for me. Despite what people think "oh they'll never really leave me".. THEY WILL!!!! Remember, in mexico, no one is ever in a hurry. Expediting doesnt carry the same meaning there.


Oh yes....they will leave! The last time we were in Cozumel a honeymooning couple was left behind.


Some ships do go by the port time, it just depends on if that ship does. I have been on both kinds. They will tell you if they stay on ship time or they adjust it. How much of a difference in price is it to book your excursion directly or through the ship? If its not alot of difference, you might want to wait and book when on the ship since they will ensure that you do make it back on time.

But, I'm like you...I'm a risk taker......just tell the cab driver to "Punch it"!!!
Good Luck and do have a great time!!!