Will ya say a prayer?


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Ever since we got back from our short cruise a few weeks ago, Susan's doggie darlin' Kiss has been acting strangely. A trip to the vet today revealed that little Kiss has lymphoma and is not long for the rainbow bridge.

Darlin' Kiss is a 13 year old Brittany and the sweetest tempered dog I have ever seen. She has been my darlin' Susan's constant companion since Susan's mom died of cancer a few years ago. (some of you might remember that)

These strange drops keep coming from my eyes :bawl:...what's up with that?

I am devistated in two ways. First of all I LOVE little Kiss. I am "Cake Man", (the superhero that sneaks blueberry spongecake to Kiss when Susan isn't looking)

Secondly, I am devistated because Susan is. Kiss was Susan's Mom's dog before Jeane passed away and I have known for a while that little Kiss was still a connection for Susan. Kiss has gone to work with Susan, the Farmer's Market, on our vacations; except cruises....but on cruises my favorite picture of Susan and Kiss is always on the night stand as it is in my apartment every night. When Susan look at the picture she always says "I miss my dawg".

My last report was that Susan and Kiss were curled up in Susan's fluffy bed, one of Kisses's favorite places.

I have seen the Rainbow Bridge poem many times. I am wondering if it works in special ways sometimes. I am hoping that Susan's mother Jeane will be waiting at the end of the Rainbow Bridge to greet Kiss when the time comes. Who knows?

And these drops keep coming.

If you get a chance, please whisper a prayer for my darlin' Susan (CarolinaBlonde) I'd really appreciate it.



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I truly believe that Jeane WILL be there when Kiss goes to the rainbow bridge. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

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I'm so sorry to hear about Susan's dog Kiss. It's so hard to lose our pet, because they are our family. I will keep Susan, Kiss and you in my prayers.


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So very very sorry. It is so difficult watching our furbabies when they are sick. Having been thru this several times I certainly can realte to that ache in your heart.


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Oh Michael....I have leaky eyes too! I don't know Kiss but I know about her and I am so sad to read this. I know that Jeane will be waiting to take Kiss across the Rainbow Bridge when the time comes....after all Jeanie loved Kiss too! Hugs to you and to Susan...you will be in my prayers for Kiss too!

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My heart is breaking for the 3 of you..hugs and Prayers..may the joy of Kiss-Dawg.. Memories stay strong for you.

it's a damn tough walk Michael....hugs again.....Joanne and Mark..


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My best to you and Susan, and to Kisses. Always remember She was so Loved, and gave Her love back so willingly. May your sweet memories of Kisses help pull you through your dark days. (((HUGS)))


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Michael please tell Susan that Melinda and I are thinking about her. Having lost 2 of mine in the last 14 months I do know how hard it can be and this one will be especially hard due to the connection. I know when I lost Josie she was the last connection with my husband and it's hard. Wish we could be there with the hugs but just know we're thinking about both of you.