Willemstad, Curacao

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We're new to Cruise-addicts - looking forward to all the great information! We've booked a cruise for November 2006, my third, my boyfriends second. The last port is Willemstad, Curacao. I haven't been able to find hardly any posts about this port and I'm wondering if it's new. Anybody have any information to share?

Happy cruising to all!


Frank Black

Actually it's very popular on Canal cruises. I was there a few years ago. They have beautiful, colorful houses, an interesting pontoon bridge, and a government house/fort with a canonball still lodged in a wall. Shopping is OK, not like St. Thomas though. Thye have a cute rubber tired train to yake you on a short tour of the City.

They say the houses are pinted in pastel colors because the mayor owned the paint factory many many years ago and passed a law requiring all houses to be painted.


I was there just a couple of years ago. They have an "aquarium type" place you can visit which allows you to see all kinds of tanks full of different marine species. You can also sign up to swim with the dolphins here. It was a blast. The beach this is on is absolutely beautiful... I told my wife that if we were ever to win the lottery, we would buy one of the condos right there on that beach. It was awesome!!!!