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Wind Penthouse AB



Anyone stayed in one of the Penthouse AB rooms on the Wind? We are booked on the International deck. It is hard to find information about these rooms and I have looked everywhere. Also, from the deck plans, it looks like the windows look out onto the deck. Is privacy an issue? Finally, what is included with concierge service? Thanks!


We are going on the NCL Wind Feb.16- Hawaii and have been upgraded to a room with concierge service. Have you gone on your cruise yet? If so what did the concierge do? Any tips on the ship or tours etc?


I was on the Dawn Penhouse Suite Cat AB and it was fabulous. It has two bedrooms. One is small and has its own bathroom with a shower. The main bedroom is big with a bathroom with a bathtub with a TV in it. It also has a big shower and two sinks. There is a living room and kitchen area with fridge. The livining and bedrooms all have TV and DVD players. The balcony has two chairs and table.
you will love it.