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Wind-Should I Cancel?

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by reserve9, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. reserve9

    reserve9 Guest

    I've read almost nothing good about the Wind. I just booked an 11 day Hawaii cruse for Aug 21 and now I have second thoughts. Does anyone have any good coments about the Wind that can alliviate my anxiety?
  2. superflyjeff

    superflyjeff Guest

    I've heard just as many GREAT things about the wind! I just sent you an email Larry.

  3. wags

    wags Guest

    reserve9: Go to Frommers.com and click on "cruises". There is a thread there called "Any good reports on Norwegian Wind?" I think you will be pleased with all the good reports.
  4. wags

    wags Guest

    OOPS! Sorry, I forgot to mention you must first click on "community" then cruises.
  5. If you haven't read anything possitive you must be looking for the negatives or not paying alot of attention to the various boards. There are negatives, the ship isn't new, not glitzy and a mega size. There are those who do expect all ships to be the same and find fault if they don't get what the expected when most expect too much for the money. Some gripes are certainly within reason and are to be taken seriously, but many are just nit picking. Consider how much you are paying, check like others have said, pay close attention to all the threads and then make a decision. If you have cruised several times, always or mostly on either upscale lines or on the new mega ships you might be very disappointed, but if you have your eyes open and want to have a pleasant experience with a pleasant, friendly crew you should be just fine.

  6. superflyjeff

    superflyjeff Guest

    Nita, I could agree with you more. My wife and I have never been on a Mega Ship or any of the super luxury liners, rather we only sailed on some of the smaller ships (ie. NCL Sea) and we've really enjoyed them. I find the NCL staff to always been friendly and very acomidating. I think that Larry will have a great time on the Wind. I'm leaving for the Wind on March 27th! I hope to come back with a great review :)

  7. Skysmama

    Skysmama Guest

    NMNIta & Jeff, I totally agree. We were on the Wind Jan '04 and had a GREAT time! We didn't experience any sewage smells and the condition was pretty good considering it is an older ship. It is definitely not as worn/torn/dirty as I've read on other boards. If anything, we were amazed at how clean they kept everything and how fast they picked stuff up! The staff and crew were very friendly and would go out of their way to help. Of course, there were 1 or 2 waiters who weren't as pleasant, but you'll find that everywhere you go.
    You'll always find something wrong if that's what you're looking for. If you go with an open mind and good attitude, you'll have a great time too.
  8. Skysmama and Jeff, one of our favorite, if not our #1 favorite after 15 plus cruises was the Sea when it was the Seaward. Since we have cruise mega ships and Yes they do offer aminities not found on the smaller older ships, but all in all I think we prefer (I am speaking for the grumpy old man as well) the smaller ships. Give me the Sea back and I will have a great time.

  9. kathyG

    kathyG Guest

    I couldn't agree more. After reading information on various ships I went ahead and booked a cruise on the Dream in Nov. I have been on some glorious ships and know that you cannot compare one to the other. I picked this ship because of the ports and not to mention the fantastic deal I got. Oh and not to forget it leaves out of my own backyard.

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  10. reserve9

    reserve9 Guest

    Thanks everyone for your responses. I took the board's advice and started researching the message boards instead of the so-called critics reports. It seems that there were a few cruises in 2002 and early 2003 when there were some serious problems but the recent reports on the Wind are mostly good to excellent. I even got a personal telephone call from a member of another board who had just returned from a Wind cruise. She said eveything was excellent. She said that after reading some of the ship reviews, she went looking for problems and found none. I am now satisfied that the Wind is now in "ship shape". We are looking forward to our Hawaii cruise in Aug.

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