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Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by KSols, Nov 3, 2003.

  1. KSols

    KSols Guest

    I think the Wind is in the process of its 4th western caribbean cruise this fall. Anyone have anything to say?
  2. Hollyhawk

    Hollyhawk Guest

    We booked the Wind for 11/22. Sailing to Grand Cayman , Roatan, Belize. and Cozumel. Going for itineray only, to check out possible land trips later, especially in Belize and Roatan. AND this is our daughters senior trip......No Datona Beach!!!! If you want to know more about this trip e-mail me. I'm not quite sure why you made this post. There are quite a few new reviews on the Wind on the cruise critics board.
  3. KSols

    KSols Guest

    Yes...the main reason for our choice was the itinerary, but I'm not sure what you mean by "quite a few new reviews..." I haven't seen anything about this itinerary, or this ship that's recent. Are you referring to this website? Where do I find the "cruise critics board"
  4. Hollyhawk

    Hollyhawk Guest

    Go to www.cruisecritic.com Then look at the blue bars on top of the headings and you will see one that says 'find". Also they have a site just for NCL you will see all this when you go to that site. You do not have to log in you can be a guest.
  5. Markandrews

    Markandrews Guest

    We were on the Wind's 10-25-04 sailing. It was our 9th NCL cruise and 18th cruise total. I had sailed on the Wind right after the stretch and was familiar with the ship. We have sailed on newer and larger ships but I can not think of a cruise we enjoyed anymore then this one. I have read of people complaining about the Wind/Dream but dollar for dollar you are probably not going to get a better experience. I wish I was back on the Wind right now!!
  6. Hollyhawk

    Hollyhawk Guest

    Hey markandrews, I just checked the calander and it's still 2003 and we did'nt go into a time warp and miss our cruise. Just joking with you.
  7. skybird123

    skybird123 Guest

    Hi, Please let me know how this trip went. We are booked on it for the Dec.13th trip. We are taking our grandchildren and I've been horrified by some of the reviews. I booked this trip because of the ports of call. We took the Dream around South America and decided we didn't like " Freestyle" dining, however it will probably be convenient with the children.
    It too was a stretched ship, and getting around was a pain. We are booked on deck 7
    outside aft,and I've heard about nasty smells and diesel fumes on that deck. Did you have
    engine problems? Did you make all the ports, and how was the tendering?

    We have been to Grand Cayman and Cozumel before so I have things set up for them. But
    Belize and Roatan are new. What tours did you take,and were they ship sponsored or on
    your own? I can't decide on the ruins in Belize-Altun Ha or Lamanai & new river safari. Did you hear any thing positive or negative on either of those? The time is so limited in Roatan that I guess we'll just go to the beach. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

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