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Windjammer Restaurant for Dinner



We will be on the Navigator of the Seas soon. I'm wondering how good the food is in the Windjammer at night, if we choose to eat there rather than the dining room. How is it on formal nights....do they offer the same food such as lobster?. In other words, are some of the choices the same as what people are offered in the dining room? Is the food a buffet and the same every night? This is only are second cruise. Our first was on the Millenium two years ago.


You'll find good, basic buffet food. Windjammer does mot have the entrees from the main dining room. I'm not sure it's completely the same every night (I wasn't there every night), but you certainly won't find a great deal of variation night to night.


I ate 2 x a day in the windjammer...good, substantial and not very interesting...if I had had to eat my dinner there at night I would have suffered...you are denying youself the pleasure of the dining at sea experience...I am surprised after you have been on the Millenium that you would want to skip it...but, then, again...different tastes..you might enjoy the hamburgers at Johnny Rocket for a break from the Windjammer...plus room service.


Food was always good. And the place was always clean. We ate there quite a bit as the kids dont take to the extreme gourmet at the dining room.