windows by the sea hours on Fantasy



I hear there is always a lot to eat on the cruise, but can someone tell me the hours of operation for the windows by the sea dinning room. Is it open all the time or what. I can't find any information about what they actually have and what times. I heard it was a buffet, but I also read info that suggests you can order food. Also, room service. What type of items can you get and is it 24 hours.


Windows by the Sea is Fantasy's Lido deck buffet but it is not a "dining room" where you can sit down an order a meal. Windows has an inside buffet with most of the seating and an outside buffet where you can sit on the lido deck near the pool. There are also 2 small deck areas with tables out the aft doors where you can sit and eat. At the aft end of the inside section is the pizzeria and deli where you can get food made to order. I believe the pizzeria is open 24 hours but I also saw someone say they close at 3 AM. (I was never up that late but it was open whenever I was there!) The deli is also 24 hours. Both the pizza and sandwiches are excellent! There are also 24 hour drink dispensers and soft serve ice cream/yogurt inside. The outside section has a grill which serves burgers, dogs and fries (not sure of the hours but I could always get one).

Windows on the Sea is pretty much open from early morning to late night and they change over the dishes between meal times. There is always something to eat there. They have a breakfast buffet with the basic fare - made to order omelettes pancakes, french toast, potatoes, bacon, sausage, pastries, etc. At lunch and dinner they serve a variety of hot and cold buffet dishes and salads and there is a separate dessert table. They also have a midnight buffet with similar dishes, desserts and fruits (not as elaborate as the gala buffet that they serve on formal night). They have a different theme at the buffet each day.
The food in the buffet is varied and caters to a wide variety of tastes. I thought they did a good job in the selection of dishes. The quality varies from OK to excellent. I had some dishes that I loved and others that I would pass on. The food in the dining room is definitely better but if you just want a quick meal or snack you will really enjoy it.

Room service is 24 hours and they offer mainly cold items like salads, sandwiches, pastry, desserts and beverages. I only ordered pastry and coffee from room service in the mornings and that was very good and prompt.