Good morning cruisers!!!!
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Does anyone have details concerning the "wine and dine" option
that's available on RCCL FOS? The website mentions it but gives
few if any details (far as I can find) concerning price - selection - etc.
Can anyone shed some light?
In the past we cruised on carnival and they allowed us to bring our own wine.

Wishing you all smooth sailing!!!
Mike in Tampa, Fl.


They do list all that info on

Go to Deals and Gifts

Shop Gift and Gears

Gift and Gears Aboard..SHOP NOW

Wine and Dine(towards bottom of page)......

Click on that for all the prices and list of wines...............


Just to update this topic a bit further, we just got off the phone with RCCL customer service.
We asked if wine that was purchased in the wine and dine offer could be consumed
at the buffet (we're making our master plan to avoid bringing formal wear for the first time)
and the answer was no, it cannot be retrieved at the buffet.
It can only be "delivered" to the dining room, specialty restaurants or your stateroom.
And get this.... if you want the remainder of your opened wine moved from the dining room
to your stateroom, there is a $12 corkage fee and they will then deliver the bottle to your room.

I'm beginning to think iced tea is the way to go !!!!!!!!
(too bad I can't get my wife to agree)


Nothing against RCI but we do a fall cruise on Princess every fall, just the two of us, a getaway and no formal no nothing we go with two carry ons. We do personal choice dining and even do the formal nights in our cabin or on the lido and have bought wine and literally have had it follow us from dining room to dining room (balcony dining excluded but never pressed the issue) so sometimes these issues just need to be handled on board, they are more inclined to make sure you are happy than the home office is, home office is more used to handling issues after the fact. and dealing with service staff level far exceeds management, our last RCI cruise we needed some changes made as our TA had sent us wine that we needed exchanged for champagne, basic room service personal handeled with no problem. this is a case of go to the middle of the horse..........


[quote TampaMike].... if you want the remainder of your opened wine moved from the dining room
to your stateroom, there is a $12 corkage fee and they will then deliver the bottle to your room.

[/quote]That is a new policy.............Not that we ever had any left over..... =huh BUT we have had an extra bottle left(dont know why,but we did) and they just handed it over to us since it was the last night..


depending on what wine you select from your wine and dine package in the Windjammer, if it is one that is offered there, then you can get it there. our last RCI cruise was a year ago, and we had no problem taking the rest of our wine with us, from both the dining room and th Windjammer. and there were no extra corkage fees.


This will be our first cruise on RCCL so correct me if I am mistaken but
I believe that they have changed their rules and regulations in the past year.
The fee I quoted above came straight from the mouth of RCCL customer service.
I suppose it's also safe to assume that what the front office states and what actually
takes place on board can differ to some degree right???