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Included in my E Ticket pkg was the Cruise Answer Book. On page 24 - 25 Princess offers various items for sale before you arrive for your cruise. Honeymoon Packages etc. and they also offer an assortment of wines and spirits. What is not addressed is the ability to purchase any of these items after the ship sails.

For instance, a bottle of J&B Scotch (very small - 375ml) is $17.00. That's a little less than 1/2 pint. Has anyone ordered a bottle of spirits this way and if so, when it's been consumed can you replenish it on board. Must you arrange for a sufficient anticipated quantity before embarking?

I enjoy having a cocktail before dinner and would love to be able to simply sit on my balcony and enjoy the view while imbibing on an adult beverage with my wife. I'm booked on a 14 night cruise in November and I know that 375ml won't last for 14 nights. The same goes for a beer package. Princess offers 6 cans of beer for the price of 5 @ $21.25. That's supposedly less than the on board bar price, but 6 cans of beer on a warm Panama Canal Cruise won't go vary far.

IMHO the prices charged by Princess are very much inflated. But your a captive audience so what can you do.?
Can anyone tell me if I can purchase additional beverages for consumption in my cabin while underway?

Thank You.

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I can address the wine issue..Princess ALLOWS Wine AND Champagne on board with you at check in..we carry 6 bottles when we group cruise as it's fine to bring it on board...we purchase it in the port town as we fly in, hand carry it UP our baggage on board with us the day of embarkation...
NOT in the luggage for the Stevedore to man-handle!!.it is in the fine print..WINE AND Champagne ARE allowed.. we like Asti Spumante, and wine, so we do bring that and plastic wine goblets.and it is not EVER an issue..all of us in the group get together for snacks, etc and a cocktail before Dinner..

as for the hard liquor ,and's pretty much of a crap shoot on the "smuggle method".. many folks can and do do it.

. I do know Princess has never confiscated liquor WE have bought ON the Islands.. they happened to be gifts.. not for our personal consumption.. but they did NOT know that.. and we simply brought it home.Still and all it was ALL allowed on with us up the gangway at the ports we purchased it in..=shrug... Good luck!!!..:)..Joanne


28 Aug 08
Thank you.
I made a mistake about the amount in the bottles.
375ml = 12.68 oz. That's 88.75% of a full pint.
a 750ml bottle (a fifth) holds 25.36 oz. - not quite two pints.
a ltr. is 33.814 oz. Just over two pints.

So 750ml would cost $34.00. [ 2 - 375ml @ $17.00 Ea]
@ 1.5oz per drink, that's 16.90 drinks.
@ the bar assuming $7.00 to $8.00 per drink, that's $118.00 to $135.00.
I'd save $84.00 to $101.00

I guess I'll just have to run this past the "Boss" and see what she has to say.
I'm not in favor of paying their prices, but having to fill a Rum Runner at home and fly with it in checked in luggage and keeping my fingers crossed that the luggage destroyers don't crush it too much is a major consideration. Maybe if I was driving to the port or had an opportunity to do a fill in the port city, it would be O.K. I'm flying in and getting on the shuttle from the air port and right to the pier non stop. Oh Well.....

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I could be wrong, but I think you were asking about the Bon Voyage PRE CRUISE packages (Honeymoon package, etc). The answer is it's the same price before or when you're on the ship. You can get those packages anytime, but sometimes it's nice to have something you need or would like when you arrive in your cabin. I often get myself a Gift Package on website beforehand, so I don't have to use valuable cruise time doing it.


That's exactly what I was asking about.
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Also, depending on where you are crusing out of, there may be a shop at the pier that will sell you liquor that you can carry on board. I've had this happen in San Juan


Has anyone refused to pay the €10 per day gratuity and or the 15% service charge on your bar bill.


Why would you do that???????????

The bartender is your friend. If you have a problem with a bartender or you don't think that they are providing reasonable service, go to another bar, find somebody you like, somebody that makes a good drink and settle in. Today you will find most bartenders are under strict guidelines, they will usually pour from a shot glass rather than counting to 6, this is not the fault of the bartender, he would really like to take care of you. This comes down from above and if his usage vs. income doesn't come close he will have to answer some questions. Give the bar gang some slack and realize they are doing the best the cruiseline will allow them to.

Now the gratuity charged to your account is a whole different <img src=>

BTW you are saying €10 :)D That is 10 US, at the current rate you are slacking a little <img src=>