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Wine Cubes-You gotta read this!!

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Mike's wife, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. Mike's wife

    Mike's wife Guest

    Hello to all of you that like to take a bottle or few of wine on the ships with you. I just bought a wine cube at Target. It's in plastic bag that is stuffed into a hard cardboard cubed box. I paid $15.99 for 3 liters of Cabernet/Shiraz. They also sold 1.5 liter for $8.99 and had many different kinds-red sangria, white sangria, zifandel, and a few others. It was the neatest thing I have ever seen. I always take wine on the ship and have to pack in bubble wrap and still worry about it breaking all over my clothes.

    I thought many of you would like to know about these since there are so many messages on how to smuggle the stuff on. I have mine ready for Sunday.

  2. Erinm

    Erinm Guest

    Can I ask how much you paid for the cube?
  3. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    Erinm -

    Melody said the 3 liter box was $15.99 and the 1.5 liter box is $8.99.
  4. Mike's wife

    Mike's wife Guest

    That is right on the prices. All types were the same price. I forgot to add that it has a handle kind of like a soda twelve pack but much stronger and a pop out dispenser.

  5. rdonte

    rdonte Guest

    What department were they in? Food or gifts or ?? Would hate to miss it.
    Thanks for the additional info.
  6. Mike's wife

    Mike's wife Guest

    It was in the food department. This was not a full size Target it was one of the smaller ones that just have limited food items. They were in with all the other wines--bottles.
  7. rdonte

    rdonte Guest

    Thanks Meloday I'll check it out tomorrow. These would also make great Bon Voyage gifts...
  8. Cactuscruise

    Cactuscruise Guest

    Wine boxes aren't new, they've been around for years. They were never big sellers which is why most stores stopped carrying them. Those boxes are a little bulky to carry on board ship. I'd rather pack a bottle.
  9. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    Yes they have been around for a long long time,,,atleast 15 years, if not more,,, more commonly called wine in a box....
  10. antron

    antron Guest

    i find them in all of the drug stores ( osco, walgreens ) and in our major grociery stores in the liquor section here in the midwest. they are very available and easy to buy for us.
  11. Mike's wife

    Mike's wife Guest

    I have seen them before but only in two limited kinds-white and pink zifandel. This was the first time I have seen my favorite Cabernet/Shiraz. I got so excited I just had to share my find. I cruise on Sunday!! Woo hoo-it's finally time to start packing.


    Miracle-September 4th 2005
  12. wildeside

    wildeside Guest

    I love wine too! Not much in to Box Wine but that's a great idea to take along on the cruise. I might need to consider that! Thanks!
  13. Cori

    Cori Guest

    As a Pennsylvanian, I find this all to be quite hysterical. For those of you who don't know, we in the Keystone State cannot buy beer or liquor in grocery stores, or drug stores, or my beloved Target. Oh no no NO, we have to go to a state store for wine or liquor, or a beer distributor for the malt beverages. We can't even sell wine and beer in the same STORE for gosh sakes. And it's only been in the last couple of years that the state stores have even been open on Sundays, and the beer distributors just last weekend got to be allowed to be open on Sundays.

    But, we HAVE had the "Wine in a Box" available for as long as I can remember. To be honest, it's something of a running joke here, like if you drink your wine from a box you MUST be an alcoholic or something. But for a cruise, I can see how it would be a really great way to take some onboard!
  14. nimbex

    nimbex Guest

    thanks for the info... as I've been known to smuggle many a bottle!!!!!!!
  15. KAW

    KAW Guest

    Hi, new to the group.
    my 2 cents

    I thought/read somewhere, that on Carnival you are allowed to bring wine, so we are not smuggling
    on contriband with the box. I believe they charge to open it in dinning room but not your stateroom. May have limit of one bottle/person but I take big... bottle. Box wines have gotten sooo much better. Thanks for the tip, I will take it this time much easier to pack and less breakage potential. Believe it is on web site for carnival under FAQ.
    I had no problem on the last cruise taking it on board.
  16. cruizinrican

    cruizinrican Guest

    My frig is never without one! I love to have a glass while I cook! And your right I have had them for years, can't remember when I didn't have one, it has been so long. It is not a bad for the price. I love it!

  17. izzybugs

    izzybugs Guest

    Haha..I pick at my hubby about his "boxed" wine. Our fridge is never without one. Of course, we drink better quality stuff out of the bottle, but we always have the standby. I was wondering about taking a small cube from Target on the ship, but do you think the mini-fridge will hold it? WE leave on Sunday, 9th on Conquest & was wondering how we could chill the box? Any ideas?
  18. bOB

    bOB Guest

    The taps will only fit in sideways with the racks taken out. Pretty much consumes
    the whole fridge.
  19. izzybugs

    izzybugs Guest

    Thanks Bob---but really, what else could we need? Alcohol should be about it :) tehe
  20. masq

    masq Guest

    If I were going to bring this type of wine, I would take the wine out of the box and just take the bladder of wine.... easier to pack and easier to get in the mini fridge.
    The bladders are foil and I highly doubt they would burst if they were packed in between a few layers of clothes for padding. ;-)

    I'm going to bring a bottle of bubbly... for New Year's Eve and a bottle or two of our favorite wine.

    I have also seen bladders on e-bay that you can use for other kinds of liquid..... for those who don't care for wine.


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