Wine (I know it was asked below, but this is different!)


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Ok, well, maybe not so different besides the fact that we're dealing with bagged wine here. My wife and I have always been able to "smuggle" a boxed wine on board the Carnival ships (not allowed, per the rules, of course) which was taken out of the box. The bladder of wine doesn't come up too well on the x-ray machines, I'm told, and have since learned is probably true. Every time our luggage arrived in our rooms, the bladders of wine were safe and secure inside.

Anybody done this on RCI recently? We plan on doing it with a bladder of red, but still purchase drinks at dinnertime and randomly from the ship. We primarily fill a glass up at night, then go outside to a railing (last cruise we had a balcony, which was great for this) and make a romantic evening out of it.

I seriously doubt RCI would kick cruisers off for bringing their own alcohol on board, as long as it's not excessive, but don't want to risk it if anybody has had to walk the plank or spend the cruise in the brig!

FYI: you can buy "premium" boxed wines in the store, so remember that this isn't the bitter, not so elegant tasting wine, when you respond saying "Boxed wine, eeewww!" :) They actually have some decent stuff now.


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I know that lots of people have definate opinions on this subject and do not believe in bringing your wine on board. My husband and I have cruised about 20 times and we have always brought wine (and other drinks) with us in our checked luggage. We don't bring tons of it but rather just a couple of bottles for consumption in our room. We sailed on the Oasis in January and had not problem with our checked wine.
Have a great cruise!


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If you get caught they arent going to kick you off, they will just take it away from you and give it back the last night, if that happens, make lots of friends or drink hardy........


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Best case - You get away with it and save a couple dollars.

Likely case - You get caught and it is consficated (returned at the end of the cruise).

Worst case - You open your suitcase to find you will be wearing red clothes for a week!